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For individuals

We offer solutions for every stage in your life. With NN you can protect yourself against permanent incapacity for work, for example. Or you can take out death insurance to protect your next of kin from financial difficulties when you are gone. Buying your dream home is also a lot easier with our outstanding balance insurance mortgage loan.

Right now, over 1.4 million people are safely insured with us.

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For self-employed professionals and companies

We are also there for self-employed people and companies. What is the best way to protect your family or your business partner(s)? Buying a home and only paying the capital on the loan due date? As an employer, do you need to offer your employees a sound group insurance policy or an attractive bonus plan? The experts at NN can always come up with a suitable solution for you.

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If you are a long way from retirement

Will I have a big enough pension to be comfortable in my old age? More and more young people are publicly wondering about this question. And rightly so! Statutory pensions in Belgium are often inadequate, especially for private individuals and self-employed professionals. That's why it's a good idea to start saving now for later on. NN will help you along your way with a pension savings policy or an investment-linked policy.

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If you have already retired

Even if you have already retired (or are close to doing so), we won't ignore you. The average Belgian lives for 23 years after their retirement, so it brings peace of mind to have an additional source of income after you turn 65. Our Lifelong Income product offers a life annuity that provides you with a supplementary income.

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NN Strategy Vrij Sparen Mix Tak 21 en Tak 23 (niet-ficaal)
NN Strategy Vrij Sparen in Tak 21 (niet-fiscaal)

Savings and investments

With just a small monthly amount, you can build up a substantial sum for yourself or for your children and grandchildren. You can also specify how much risk you want to accept in the process.

If you take out a Branche 23 / Tak 23 investment-linked insurance policy, you are opting for a variable return that lets you choose between both tax-deductible (long-term savings, pension savings) and non-tax-deductible formulas. We also offer a Branche 21 / Tak 21 savings insurance policy.

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Our distribution partners

We supply our products through a number of different channels.

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Investment management

We serve our institutional clients as an investment partner offering funds, tailor-made strategies and pension solutions.

Segmentation policy

Our segmentation criteria
What determines if you can be insured or stay insured, what the insurance covers and what you pay for it?