2017 SFCR and Annual Report Delta Lloyd Life (DLL)

The legal merger between Delta Lloyd Life and NN Insurance Belgium has been finalized on March 30 2018. From a fiscal and accounting point of view, the merger is valid since January 1 2018. Below you find the SFCR report as well as the Annual Report 2017 for Delta Lloyd Life.

SFCR DLL 2017 (1.41 MB)

QRT DLL 2017 (647.88 KB)

Annual Report DLL 2017 (in Dutch) (415.65 KB)

Annual Accounts DLL 2017 (in Dutch) (798.41 KB)

2016 SFCR and Annual Report NN Insurance Belgium (NNIB)

Below you find the SFCR and Annual Report 2016 for NN Insurance Belgium.




QRT NNIB 2016 (658.68 KB)

Annual Report NNIB 2016 (in Dutch) (463.9 KB)

Annual Accounts NNIB 2016 (in Dutch) (711.79 KB)