How can we help you as a self-employed person, insure your business and your family?

We pride ourselves on taking care of what you find really important. Are you self-employed or run your own business? If so, then you’ll find we have the right solutions for yourself, your business and your employees. Solutions that enable you to enjoy a good retirement, protect you against life’s setbacks and help guarantee the continuity of your company. We can also help you to safeguard the future of your family. That way, you can make your plans a reality while you enjoy a long and happy life.  

My family & me

Life can be full of surprises. But with the right insurance cover in place, we can take care of your pension and your retirement, while also protecting you and your family against any setbacks. 


My business & me

Want to make sure your business keeps running if you get sick or have an accident? Want to make your plans come true while ensuring the survival of your business? 


My employees & me

Investing in human capital? With a group insurance policy, you can offer your employees more than just a little extra for their retirement. 


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For the self-employed: support for mental well-being.

The new NN Wellbeing Services help self-employed people and their families to strengthen their mental well-being and to recognise signs of stress in good time. This extra preventive service is available from your incapacity for work insurance.


Discover the NN Wellbeing Services


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Why do entrepreneurs choose NN?

Your customers and your business keep you busy round the clock, we know. And all that hard work’s paying off, of course; but you also need to remember that a healthy business also needs the person at the top to be in peak condition. NN understands this very well. Better still, we do everything we can to ensure your financial peace of mind, as well as your health. How do we do that exactly?

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NN looks after your health.

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Financial security at every moment of your life

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Responding to new trends, developments and legislation


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