Why NN wants to become the most personal insurer

Everyone is unique. That is why we offer an approach tailored to what makes your life unique.

The insurer of Cindy, Philippe, Sarah, Lidia …

It is our ambition to be the most personal insurer. With a focus on what really matters to you. How do we do this? With a good conversation, for starters. We provide assistance and advice tailored to your life. Not only do you benefit from our long-standing expertise; we are also constantly developing innovative insurance, pension and investment services so we can offer you optimum protection. Thanks to the merger of Delta Lloyd and NN you can also rely on our extensive network of brokers. This way we can offer you a personal approach. Because everyone is unique. This is clearly illustrated by the stories of Cindy, Philippe, Sarah, Lidia …

The campaign: discover the full story

For our launch campaign we went in search of people who play not one but several leading roles in their lives. And we found many. A great many, in fact. After all... we all tick more than one box, don’t we?

Brokers who listen

You are unique too. That is why our brokers offer help and advice tailored to your story.