Bullet loan with Scala Privilege (Individual Pension Agreement)

Bulet credit

A bullet loan is a mortgage loan with reinstatement of the capital linked to your Scala Privilege contract, which is an Individual Pension Agreement or IPT.

A bullet loan of this kind allows you to use your supplementary pension for later in life to invest in your private property now.

Through your IPT, you build up a retirement lump sum that is used to repay your loan at the end of the contract. You only pay interest during the term of the loan.

Is a Bullet Loan right for you?

  • Are you a self-employed business manager with a regular monthly salary?
  • Do you have a Scala Privilege Individual Pension Agreement (IPT), or intend to take one out?
  • Do you have real estate plans that involve building, buying, renovating or extending a property within the European Economic Area?
  • Do you want to invest in a tax-efficient manner through your company?

Then an NN bullet loan is well worth considering.

Why should you finance your property using a Bullet Loan?

You benefit immediately from your IPT!

- Your IPT provides you with an immediate advantage that you can benefit from as a private individual.
- Both you and your company enjoy tax benefits.

  • The premiums paid into an IPT contract are deductible within the corporation tax framework, provided that you respect the limits of the 80% rule2. That means your company recovers 25% to 35% of the premium.
  • The interest you pay on the financing is deductible under the income tax framework.

Also available with Branche 23 / Tak 231!

Are you aiming to achieve higher potential returns on your IPT, and did you therefore opt (at least in part) for Branche 23 / Tak 231 funds?
If so, you can still take out a Bullet Loan. Your broker will provide a realistic forecast as a starting point.

If you invest at least 30% of your IPT premiums in Branche 23 / Tak 231 funds then you are eligible for a discount on the standard fee for your Bullet Loan!

Attractive loan terms

- You can repay the capital during the term of the contract, either in part or in full.
- We offer loans until the statutory retirement age3.

The location of your property

The property must be located inside the European Economic Area. It can also be a second home, and you don't need to actually occupy it yourself. 

How does the NN Bullet Loan work?

NN links the Bullet Loan to your IPT insurance contract.

- The loan capital that you receive for your property investment is built back up with your IPT premiums via reinstatement.
- Your IPT contract is pledged to NN, making it the guarantee for your loan, as it were.
- On the maturity date, your retirement lump sum is used to repay the loan to NN.

In practice:

- You have already taken out or are currently signing a Scala Privilege IPT.
- NN lends you the money to finance your real estate project inside the European Economic Area.
- You pay monthly interest on the full amount of the loan for its entire term.
- Your company regularly pays premiums for your Branche 21 / Tak 21 or Branche 23 / Tak 231 Scala Privilege contract.
- On the maturity date, you pay back the capital using the savings built up by your company under your Scala Privilege contract.

Bullet loan FR

Are you interested in a Bullet Loan? Your broker will be happy to explain the available options.

Essential documents

Before you sign your insurance policy, it is essential to go through the following information.

A well-earned pension

The Individual Pension Agreement (IPT) provides a tax-efficient supplementary pension

Protection for your family

Death cover: less expensive than you might think, and instant peace of mind for the future!

Protect your business

You are the key figure in your company. How will you pay your overheads if you are unable to work for the company temporarily?


  1. Branche 23 / Tak 23: In Branche 23 / Tak 23 investments, neither the capital nor the return are guaranteed. The risk is fully borne by the policyholder. Your return will depend on the evolution in the value of the underlyings. There is no entitlement to profit sharing.
  2. 80% rule: This rule states that mandatory and supplementary pensions, expressed as annual pension payments, may not be higher than 80% of the final normal annual gross salary. This does not take individually agreed contracts into account. 
  3. Apart from some legal exceptions, the supplementary pension payment must be paid out at the time when the employee actually retires. If an employee retires after the statutory retirement age, the employee may choose when the payment of benefits and reserve should occur – either when they reach the statutory retirement age, or on their actual retirement date.