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Did you know that Belgians are on average 6.1 years older than their biological age? The causes: stress, too little sleep and not enough exercise. As a life insurer, NN wants to increase your health and happiness. We do this through two platforms: the NN Running Club and Happy Belgians.
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The NN Running Club rewards your efforts

The NN Running Club is slowly but surely growing into the largest online sports community in Belgium. Both beginners and advanced athletes will find advice from experts on healthy exercise and eating, can go there for training schedules and can find challenges.

We reward you for every effort. Walking, running, cycling, playing football, working in the garden ... you name it, it all counts. You exchange the 'NN coins' that you collect in this way for unique discounts in our webshop.

Working at NN

Your talent and personality count at NN. We appreciate what makes you unique, because we aim to build something special together with our colleagues. We have the ambition to make insurance more personal and relevant for our customers, paying attention to what matters to each and every one of them. 

Discover what working at NN means in practice and sniff up already a bit of our unique working atmosphere!


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