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What makes us happy?

NN is interested to know what makes you happy. That is why we, together with health economist Professor Lieven Annemans (Ghent University) looked into what exactly defines our happiness. This research is conducted within the NN academic chair 'Perspectives on a happy and healthy life'.

Discover your personal happiness score!

Your happiness is unique and consists of various elements. The NN Happy-O-Meter discovers how happy you are compared to the rest of Belgium and which aspects determine your happiness.

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If you wish to get started with some practical tips on how to make your life even sunnier, make sure you visit our Happiness blog. You can find all these happy thoughts at

Working at NN

Your talent and personality count at NN. We appreciate what makes you unique, because we aim to build something special together with our colleagues. We have the ambition to make insurance more personal and relevant for our customers, paying attention to what matters to each and every one of them. 

Discover what working at NN means in practice and sniff up already a bit of our unique working atmosphere!


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