U.S. Persons

NN Insurance Belgium SA/NV does not in principle provide investment services for US Persons. A US Person is defined as a natural person who resides in the United States of America (‘the United States’) or is staying there for an extended period. American citizens (‘US. citizens’) who reside outside the United States may under certain conditions also qualify as a US Person. In addition, a natural person can qualify as a US Person if he or she has an investment advisor, assets manager and/or authorised agent who is based or resides in the United States and is authorised in the name of and on behalf of the Customer to give Orders to ING Belgium SA/NV or NN Insurance Belgium SA/NV and/or to receive or pay monies or provide and/or receive information in relation to the customer’s life assurance contract.

The Customer is required to notify and NN Insurance Belgium SA/NV immediately of any change in his or her information, personal circumstances, authorised agent or joint account holder, which would give rise to a (fiscal) relationship with the United States. This is understood to mean possession of an American residential, postal or tax address, an American telephone number, American nationality, an American residence permit (‘green card’), etc., as a result of which the Customer would qualify as a US Person.

 If in the course of the Contract a Customer qualifies as a US Person, NN Insurance Belgium will confine its services to the fulfilment of contracts in progress. Moreover, this product is not registered under the Securities Act.