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Everyone has their own story. And that is precisely why NN wants to make insurance more personal. Discover the stories of Cindy, Philippe, Edmond, Jean-François, Sarah and Lidia. All of them people of flesh and blood with a unique story. Just like you.

Cindy: teacher and cage fighter

“As soon as that cage door slams shut, I become someone else.”

Philippe: cattle farmer and record dealer

“I’ve converted the farm’s milking room into a record store.”

Edmond: engine driver and conductor

“An orchestra and a locomotive are comparable: they are both capricious.”

Jean-François: business owner and pilot

“I tumbled into it when I was little, like Obelix.”

Lidia: psychologist and salsa teacher

“It’s like having a mother and a father tongue: together they make me who I am.”

Sarah: stylist and grave restorer

“There are loads of opportunities if you’re dexterous and enthusiastic.”

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