Edmond’s story

As an engine driver Edmond is living his childhood dream. And as a conductor he gets to indulge in that other passion of his: music. Or as he puts it: “As a child I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to be an engine driver or a conductor. Now I’m doing both.” In short: Edmond ticks more than just one box. But then again, who doesn’t? We are all unique. And that is precisely why NN wants to make insurance more personal. Because you have your story. And Edmond has his.

Cindy: teacher and cage fighter

“As soon as that cage door slams shut, I become someone else.”

Jean-François: business owner and pilot

“I tumbled into it when I was little, like Obelix.”

Lidia: psychologist and salsa teacher

“It’s like having a mother and a father tongue: together they make me who I am.”

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You are unique too. That is why our brokers offer help and advice tailored to your story.

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