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The SFDR Policy at NN

The EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”) aims to increase transparency on how financial market participants integrate sustainability (or Environmental, Social and Governance, “ESG”) risks and opportunities into their investment decisions. The SFDR introduces a classification system with new disclosure requirements for certain financial products. NN Insurance Belgium is in scope of the SFDR.

The introduction of the SFDR helps to ensure that NN Insurance Belgium and similar financial institutions disclose their approach towards sustainability, and we support this goal. The result of the SFDR will be transparency via disclosures on our website and in certain product documents to enable customers, investors and other stakeholders to compare different products with respect to their ESG risks and sustainable investment objectives.

The expected timelines of the SFDR will run from 10 March 2021 until the end of 2022 (considering the links of the SFDR with other sustainable finance regulations) meaning that NN Insurance Belgium will continue to implement new (disclosure) requirements in the years to come. NN Insurance Belgium has updated relevant website disclosures and product documentation to ensure compliance with the legal requirements per 10 March 2021.The updates are based on the legal requirements as laid down in the SFDR high-level legislation (level 1). The information on this page cannot be seen as being related to the SFDR draft detailed legislation (level 2) and hence will not be used in product documentation, website disclosures and other documentation. NN Insurance Belgium will monitor the developments regarding the SFDR draft level 2 legislation and will implement the SFDR level 2 legislation once this becomes applicable. 

This page includes all information on our approach to the SFDR and what we have done so far. It includes information on:

In line with the SFDR we include information in our product disclosures about how we integrate sustainability risks into investment decisions, and how we “classify” each product as outlined in the SFDR. The product classifications help our customers and other stakeholders identify whether a product is:

  • Promoting environmental or social characteristics;
  • Has a sustainable investment objective; or
  • Is a mainstream product doing neither of the above.

These disclosures are included either in our pre-contractual product disclosures or on this website.

For products distributed by a broker see the product page on this website

For products distributed by bank partners see “Legale documenten/Documents Legaux” on this website.