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Does this concern you?

A death will have an impact on your family’s financial security and on the perenity of your assets or your business. NN death insurance ensures that your loved ones will receive a lump sum to cover unexpected expenditure, to maintain their standard of living, to pay for the children’s education, to pay off the mortgage, to cover inheritance taxes, and even to ensure that your business can continue to trade.

Ensure that you are well insured!

Do you already have a mortgage redemption insurance?

In the event of death, this insurance will pay off (part of) your mortgage. This will ensure that your family can remain in their home. However, a mortgage redemption insurance is not a substitute for your salary.

Does your group insurance include death insurance?

Do the scheduled amounts provide sufficient cover? Your family is currently protected. However, what will happen when you retire? Do not wait until you are of pensionable age before taking out personal death insurance.

In the event of death of one of my business partners, will my business remain (financially) viable?

In the event of death of a business partner, their shares will transfer to their heirs. It may be advisable to enter into an agreement with your business partners to provide for a preferential right of purchase. This will ensure that the heirs have to give preference to the existing1 business partners when selling their shares. The death insurance will also ensure that the surviving business partners will have the financial means to acquire those shares.



What do you require insurance cover for?

Your family

Protect your family’s income with Omni Care.

Your legacy

Save your loved ones the cost of inheritance tax with Succession Care.

Your donation

Anticipate potential inheritance tax on a non-registered donation with Donation Care.

Your home

Pay off your mortgage with Hypo Care.

Your business

Safeguard the future of your business with Omni Care in the event of the death of a business partner.

Your turnover

Safeguard the stability of your business with Scala Keyman if a director is (temporarily) unavailable.

Have you and your family talked about death?

7 out of 10 Belgians insure their car. But only 1 in 10 protects his family against the financial impact of a sudden death. However, the Belgian finds the family the most important thing there is.

Talk about death and what should happen next. Rather do it now than later, because late is ever too late. Discover how these people started the difficult conversation and get useful tips to do it yourself.

More information

Why choose NN death insurance?

toutes causes
Protection for any cause of death throughout the entire world
Our death cover covers any cause of death: death due to illness, an accident or a sudden death (e.g. due to a stroke or a heart attack). You benefit from worldwide protection (except countries already at war when the insured party travels there).(2)
Protection immediate
Instant Protection
There is no delay in the implementation of the main cover. You are immediately covered, even if the death occurs the day after acceptance of the contract by the company and the day after its conclusion.(3)
Capital paye
Lump sum paid within 10 days
As soon as the administrative and medical file has been completed, we pay the lump sum upon death to the beneficiaries appointed by you within a period of on average 10 working days.
Up to 2.5 million euros (or more) in the event of death
We provide extensive cover in the event of death. We can insure you for a lump sum of up to 2.5 million euros (subject to medical and financial acceptance by the company). In excess of this amount, we also offer special solutions which your insurance adviser will be happy to explain to you.
Capital libre
A lump sum for your beneficiaries to use as they wish
Upon your death, your beneficiaries may use the lump sum paid out as they wish. If you take out business director insurance, the business can also use the lump sum as it wishes in order to ensure its continued existence.
possible avantage
A potential tax advantage
As a self-employed person, the premiums are tax-deductible and can be offset against your business as an additional private pension for the self-employed. Do you run a business? In that case, you can protect your dependants and/or the business itself.

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Protecting family income is not a luxury

No one thinks that it is unusual for people to take out insurance to cover valuable possessions, such as a car or a house. But wouldn't it also be wise to take out insurance for your most valuable asset? You may be wondering what could be more valuable than your car or house. It is obvious, however, that it is what allows you to buy your car and your house: your family's income. 

How to protect yourself against illness, accident and death when you are self-employed

In the event of a problem, a self-employed person can only rely on him/herself. It sounds a little cliché, but it is nevertheless true. Even if efforts are being made to improve the social status of the self-employed, you should always take certain precautions. Several insurance solutions will allow you and your family to protect yourselves against the financial consequences of a long-term illness or death.

Four reasons to take out death insurance

You get married, have children, etc. If you die, your spouse remains alone with only one income, while the fixed costs remain largely the same. Thanks to death insurance, you protect your loved ones from financial worries. 


  1. Your legal adviser or chartered accountant will be able to advise you in more detail on contracts between business partners.
  2. However, the main insurance excludes a number of risks. Those risks are as follows: if the death occurs as a result of suicide within the year the contract was signed, a deliberate act, a court verdict or an act of war. The insured shall not be covered in countries already at war at the time of travelling there. For the full list of non-covered risks, please refer to the relevant general terms and conditions on or we can send them to you free of charge upon simple request. These also include the relevant exclusions for the additional guarantees.
  3. With the Scala Keyman business director insurance, you are also instantly covered upon acceptance of your medical file.