Scala Executive group insurance for company directors: a supplementary pension for company directors

Groepsverzekering voor bedrijfsleiders Scala Executive: een aanvullend pensioen voor bedrijfsleiders

With this group insurance policy for company directors, you can build up a substantial supplementary pension and arrange income protection. The ideal solution if your business has multiple self-employed company directors.

Is Scala Executive right for you?

  • Are you looking for a supplementary pension plan for the self-employed company directors in your business who draw a monthly salary?
  • Do you want a tax-efficient solution?
  • Do you want to protect yourself, your partner and/or your children in the event of death or incapacity for work?

Then Scala Executive – NN's group insurance policy for company directors – is definitely right for you.

What are the benefits of a group insurance policy for heads of companies?

Finance your pension in a tax-efficient way through your company

The premiums are paid in full by the company, with yourself and any other company directors as beneficiaries. The premiums are deductible as business expenses within the limits of the 80% rule3.

The category of company director may not discriminate, and must be open to all (future) directors of the company.

Protect yourself and your loved ones by providing financial stability

As a self-employed professional, you especially need to consider that you might be unable to work for a time due to illness or an accident. The financial consequences of incapacity for work – or even worse, your unexpected death – will often have a serious impact on both your income and that of your family. That's why it's a good idea to take out additional risk cover.
You can use what is known as a guaranteed income to replace a temporary loss of income, while death cover insures your family's financial future.
By taking out optional risk cover against Death and Incapacity for Work, you can guarantee financial security.

Choose to save for your supplementary pension under Branche 23 / Tak 23 or Branche 21 / Tak 21

  • Investing in Branche 23 / Tak 231 comes with no guaranteed lump sum, but does offer the prospect of higher potential returns in the long term. You can also choose from an extensive selection of funds, ranging from the defensive to the dynamic.
  • You can also choose an umbrella fund that matches your profile, as for each risk profile, our experts select various funds that they actively manage.
  • Saving under Branche 21 / Tak 21 offers a guaranteed interest rate and a guaranteed lump sum. Any profit share2 can then be invested under Branche 23 / Tak 231.

Tax-efficient investment in private real estate

Do you have plans to build, buy or renovate a property4? You can make all your plans come true right now with your Scala Executive group insurance policy.

What are your options?

  • a tax-efficient advance on the reserve in your contract: you only pay a management fee
  • a notarised pledge of your contract when you take out a mortgage

Catch-up contribution or back-service

Had you already spent a few years working for your company before you took out a group insurance policy? Or were you previously not self-employed? In either case, it will be advantageous for you to pay premiums retroactively in order to "catch up" on past contributions from up to 10 years ago, provided that this is permitted by the 80% rule3. These premiums are also tax-deductible for the company. If multiple company directors are insured in this category, then this must be done for all of them.

Talk to your broker to find out what is the best option for you. You may also wish to look at the Individual Pension Agreement (IPT) as a solution for self-employed company directors.

Premiums and taxes


- Minimum: EUR 1,500 per year (EUR 1,000 if combined with an IPT or a company director insurance policy)
- Maximum: the final pension built up may not be higher than 80%3 of your final normal annual gross salary.
In order to calculate your final pension, we look at your statutory pension as well as any other supplementary pension contracts, such as a Private Supplementary Pension (VAPZ) or a group insurance policy.

The premiums for any types of supplementary cover are calculated on top of this budget (apart from the premium for death cover).


Taxes on premiums

- pension: 4.40%
- death: 4.40%
- incapacity for work: 4.40%

Entry fees: maximum 7%

You can find all the details in the financial information sheet

Annual management fees

You can find all the details in the financial information sheet

  • tax-efficient final tax on capital5

Age when the retirement lump sum is paid out Final tax (excluding municipal tax)
60 20%
61 18%
62 16.5%
65 or above, if actually working until that age 10%
  • RIZIV/INAMI contribution of 3.55% of the total amount paid in (excluding incapacity for work)
  • solidarity contribution of 0% to 2% of the total amount (excluding incapacity for work)
  • any profit shares2 are exempt provided that the profit-sharing is settled at the same timeas the annuity, the capital or the surrender value of the VAPZ agreement
  • tax on lump sum death benefit: 16.5% (+ municipal tax) and death duties
  • payouts for incapacity for work are taxed as replacement income
  • Wijninckx contribution: a special NSSO contribution of 3% that employers are required to pay on supplementary pension premiums or contributions that exceed the indexed threshold of EUR 30,000 per year (excluding tax).
Term of the contract

The minimum term is 5 years. The earliest payout date on the contract is the date on which you begin to receive your statutory pension. This is defined by law, and the statutory retirement age is currently 65. The statutory retirement age will increase to 66 in 2025, and to 67 in 2030.

If you took out your contract before 1 January 2016, and you were born in 1961 or earlier then you will be subject to transitional rules, which mean that under certain conditions you have the option to take your lump sum before you reach the statutory retirement age. Your broker will be happy to go through the details with you.

Please also see this table:

age in 2016 payment of the supplementary pension from
58 and up 60 years old
57 61 years old
56 62 years old
55 63 years old

Extra financial protection for your family

Good financial planning includes arranging full protection for your standard of living and for your family's needs. The optional types of cover under the Scala Executive group insurance give you peace of mind.

Exclusions and restrictions

You can find a full explanation of our segmentation policy here

For this product, the Branch 23 part is not suitable for US Persons. NN Belgium nv/SA does not act under the supervision of the American regulator SEC with regard to the Branch 23 part. Click here for more info.

Essential documents

Before you sign your insurance policy, it is essential to go through the following information:

Noodzakelijke informatie

Voor je de verzekering onderschrijft, is het noodzakelijk om bovenstaande informatie door te nemen.

Documents nécessaires

Avant de contracter cette assurance, il est nécessaire de prendre connaissance des informations ci-dessus.

Protect your business

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Your unique life deserves a personal approach. That is why we are happy to help you find an independent broker in your area


  1. Branche 23 / Tak 23: In Branche 23 / Tak 23 investments, neither the capital nor the return are guaranteed. The risk is fully borne by the policyholder. Your return will depend on the evolution in the value of the underlyings. There is no entitlement to profit sharing.
  2. Profit share: the company may distribute and allocate a profit share each year at its sole discretion in accordance with the profit-sharing plan submitted to the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) and following the approval of the general shareholders' meeting. This variable profit share shall be based on the company's results and developments in the financial markets. Profit share allocation cannot be guaranteed for the future.
  3. 80% rule: This rule states that mandatory and supplementary pensions, expressed as annual pension payments, may not be higher than 80% of the final normal annual gross salary. This does not take individually agreed contracts into account. All details are available here.
  4. An advance or registered pledge is possible if it concerns an improvement, renovation or repair of real estate located in the European Economic Area that will generate taxable income for the insured.
  5. Apart from some legal exceptions, the supplementary pension payment must be paid out at the time when the employee actually retires. If an employee retires after the statutory retirement age, the employee may choose when the payment of benefits and reserve should occur – either when they reach the statutory retirement age, or on their actual retirement date.