Report a violation

NN Insurance Belgium puts great efforts in its reputation and organisational integrity. Failure to comply with these requirements would constitute a violation of the company's values. NN Insurance Belgium’s Whistleblower Policy has been updated in accordance with the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law and transposed under Belgian law on 28 November 2022. The Whistleblower Protection Act aims to improve the protection of people who report breaches of EU law.

Who can make a report ?

Any person in a professional relationship with NN Insurance Belgium, can report a breach:

  • employees
  • self-employed persons
  • shareholders
  • persons belong to the administrative, management or supervisory body
  • volunteers, trainees Staff of (sub)contractors and suppliers
  • in certain cases, external parties outside the professional context

What can I report ?

NN Insurance Belgium encourages any person to report a breach of the rules governing the following areas:

  • public procurement
  • financial services including prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing*
  • product safety and conformity
  • transport safety
  • environmental protection
  • public health
  • consumer protection
  • radiation protection and nuclear safety
  • food and feed safety, animal health and animal welfare
  • privacy and the protection of personal data
  • security of network and information systems
  • social fraud and tax evasion

*can be reported by anyone – inside or outside the professional context

How to make a report ?

You can raise your concern via the Speak-Up System in your own language. Although we encourage you to reveal your identity for the quality of the investigation, it is allowed to report anonymously. The Speak Up system is designed, implemented and managed in a secure manner to ensure the confidentiality of your identity. 

NN Insurance Belgium has made several channels available to make your report:

What happens to my report ?

Only authorized persons of NN Insurance Belgium will have access to your report. The Whistleblower Reporting Officer’s goal is to respond promptly to all reported concerns within 7 days and will analyse if your report needs further investigation. Feedback on the case will be given within 3 months period.

Your protection

NN Insurance Belgium guarantees several rights, including protection from retaliation, to whistleblowers who raise concerns or report a violation in good faith and in a professional context provided that:

  • you have reasonable grounds to believe that the information reported on violations was true at the time of the report and that the information fell within the scope of the law; this criterion is assessed in the light of a person in a similar situation and having comparable knowledge;
  • you have made a report, either internal or external, or have made a public disclosure.

Processing and storing of personal data and information

Unless the report is received anonymously, the treatment of a report invariably results in the processing of personal data. Any personal data and information that you report to NN Insurance Belgium may thus be stored in the database of and processed by NN Insurance Belgium.

For the purpose of processing your report, the personal data and information you provide may be accessed, processed and used by NN Insurance Belgium authorized and designated persons. Such personal data and information may furthermore also be shared with other third parties (located inside or outside of the EEA) NN Insurance Belgium would consider appropriate in the framework of the investigation and/or treatment of reports, including without being limited to law enforcement agencies.

You can consult your rights on NN Insurance Belgium’s Privacy Statement :  Privacy statement | NN Belgium – Insurance