Together we can do an awful lot to secure your future.  

Doing business means looking ahead. If you want to reap the benefits of your business tomorrow, it’s best to start thinking about your pension today. And protecting yourself against unexpected setbacks. Being smart in the way you finance your property can also provide you with extra security. And who will take over the reins if you or one of your partners is suddenly no longer there?  

Focus on your business, of course, but remember to think about these things, too:

How do you build up a supplementary pension? 

How do you protect yourself against illness, accident or worse? 

How do you finance your property as a self-employed person? 

How do you ensure the continuity of your business? 

How do you build up capital for a supplementary pension? 

Enjoying excursions, a good meal out, even a guilty pleasure from time to time... Anyone who lives for their business also likes to get the most out of life. And, of course, you want it to stay that way – especially when you finally have time to enjoy life to the full. But to maintain your standard of living in retirement, it’s best to make sure you have an extra helping hand today. 

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How do you protect yourself against illness, accident or worse? 

Setbacks can stand your business on its head. For instance, an illness or accident can have a significant impact on your income, not to mention the impact of your death on your family. Need the peace of mind that you’ll still be able to continue meeting your financial commitments? Then take out cover with a guaranteed income policy and death insurance.

How do you finance property as a self-employed person? 

Renovating your home, buying a property or investing in a second home? An advance on your pension insurance or a bullet loan can bring your dreams within reach more quickly. Curious to find out how it works?    

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How do you ensure the continuity of your business? 

No one can replace you or your partner(s). But taking out a key person insurance policy will provide extra stability should you no longer be able to run the business as the result of illness or accident. And suppose your business partner is suddenly no longer there... Who’ll take over their shares? 


Prepare yourself financially for a well-deserved retirement.


Self-employed - Protection
With the proper insurance policies, you can protect your future and that of your family and your company.

Bullet credit

Bulet credit
Invest in your own real estate with a mortgage loan linked to your personal pension plan.