NN Scala Professional Pension POZ

NN Scala Professional Pension POZ

Self-employed, but not working for a company? In that case, you can save for a supplementary pension with a POZ = a pension commitment for the self-employed. You can do so in addition to your VAPZ and it may also offer a tax reduction.

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Why a pension commitment for the self-employed?


For the self-employed not working for a company


Fiscally attractive, even on top of your VAPZ


Possible higher return in the longer term, if you’re prepared to take a little risk


This product enables you to build up a tax-efficient supplementary pension. 

Who is it for?

This insurance is intended for self-employed workers without a company who wish to supplement their pension in a tax-efficient way:
* who are self-employed as their main or supplementary occupation, on condition that they owe at least the social security contributions of a self-employed person as the main occupation;
* co-working spouse with maxi-status;
* self-employed helpers, on condition that they owe at least the social security contributions of a self-employed person as the main occupation.

This product is intended for self-employed workers who are prepared to take the risk (in the form of value fluctuations). 

Who is it not for?

This product is not intended for:
* persons working as an employee or public servant of if the self-employed person has the status of "self-employed company manager";
* self-employed persons wanting protection against the risks of death and/or work disability;
* self-employed persons in their final 5 years before retirement.  


Possible tax benefit

As a self-employed person not working for a company, you can build up a POZ as a supplementary pension from your taxable occupational income. You also enjoy an annual if you meet the conditions.

Potentially high return with Branch 23 investment insurance

Due to current conditions on the financial markets, investing with a guaranteed return these days yields little return. As a result, inflation each year may make the pension pot you save actually worth less. But if you are looking for higher returns, then investing in Branch 23 funds is well worth considering.

  • Choose from various investment funds
    NN has the right fund available to suit every investor profile, whether defensive or dynamic. For example, with the Scala Professional Pension you can opt for funds from NN Asset Management, or put your money into funds from respected fund managers.
    Read more in the section on Funds and view the information about risk classes
    Your broker will help you to determine the right profile, based on your personal situation
  • Even simpler would be to opt for a fund of funds: a selection of investment funds put together for a particular investor profile. Through their active management, our specialists provide automatic diversification of the funds that make up each fund of funds.
    Your broker will be happy to help you with funds of funds.
  • With investments in Branch 23, the capital and return are not guaranteed. The risk is borne in full by the policyholder. Your return depends on movements in the value of the underlying funds. There is no entitlement to profit-sharing.
  • The annual premium for you POZ is calculated based on the 80% rule. This means that the total pension for a full working career of 40 years may not be more than 80% of your reference income. A reference income is the average of your taxable occupational income for the past 3 years.


Discuss with your broker what your investor profile is. This is essential for investing sensibly.

Tax matters

  • Tax on the pension premium: 4.40%

Tax benefit: You may receive a tax reduction of 30% + municipal charges on the premium charged, on condition that the pension capital accrued, expressed as an annual benefit and including the statutory pension, is not higher than 80% of your average taxable occupational income for the past 3 years. To calculate your final pension, your statutory pension and other supplementary policies are taken into account.

Contribution and tax on outpayment

The following (para)fiscal rules apply:
Final tax on your pension capital: 10%.

  • a solidarity contribution of up to 2% on the total outpayment
  • a RIZIV/INAMI contribution of 3.55% on the total outpayment

Be sure to go through all of the information about the RIZIV/INAMI contribution, solidarity contribution, Wijninckx contribution, etc. in the product sheet

Product sheet Scala Privilege


Fees and premiums


- Minimum: 500 euro per year

- Maximum: the premium payment is free provided the tax limit (adjusted 80% threshold – see above) is adhered to.


Joining fee

  • Commission: maximum 6%
  • Joining fee on premium: 0.25%

Management fees

The management fees differ for each fund. You will find the management fees for each fund in the Branch 23 management regulations.
Branch 23 management regulations Scala

Read all details about fees in the Product sheet Scala Professional Pension POZ


Important documents

It is necessary to read the Information Financial Fact Sheet & the General Terms and Conditions before purchasing, registering, entering into, accepting, signing or opening a  NN Scala Professional Pension 

Algemene voorwaarden Scala Professional Pension
Productfiche Scala Professional Pension POZ
Tak 23 beheersreglement Scala
Precontractuele documenten inzake duurzaamheid
Conditions générales Scala
Fiche produit Scala Professional Pension CPTI
Règlement de gestion Branche 23 Scala CPTI
Documents précontractuel de durabilité

Legal information

  • Scala Professional Pension POZ is an individual Branch 23 life insurance policy.
  • Applicable law: Belgian law
  • The minimum term is 5 years.
  • Outpayment for the policy takes place at the earliest at the time you take your statutory retirement. This is determined by law. Currently, that age is 65. From 2025, retirement age will rise to 66 and then to 67 from 2030.
  • Before you sign up as a customer for the NN Strategy product it is important for you to go through the documentation about this specific product. See the documents under “Important documents” on this page.
  • Exclusions and restrictions: For this product, the Branch 23 portion is not suitable for US Persons. In relation to the Branch 23 portion, NN Belgium does not act under the supervision of the US regulator, the SEC. Click here for more information. 


If you have a complaint about your NN policy, please contact NN, Quality Care Center, 38 Fonsnylaan, 1060 Brussels. Send an e-mail in the first instance to klachten@nn.be. Or contact the Consumer Ombudsman Service at the Insurance Ombudsman, 35 de Meeûssquare, 1000 Brussels. Tel: +32(0)2 547 58 71, fax: +32(0)2 547 59 75, info@ombudsman.as, www.ombudsman.as. It is also possible at all times to take legal action.

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