Scala Keyman key person insurance

Scala Keyman key person insurance

As a senior company executive, you naturally play a key role in your company. If, is the result of illness or an accident, you are unable to run your company any longer, this will also have an impact on the performance and income of the business, whereas the bills will keep on coming in. At times such as these, a Scala Keyman business policy will ensure the stability of your company.

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Protect the stability of your business


Ensure the financial stability of your company as a key executive


Make sure that the fixed overheads of your business continue to be covered: car, computer, telephone, staff, etc.


Financial continuity if you or another key person should be (temporarily) unable to work


This product enables the company to protect itself against the financial consequences of the death and/or work disability of its self-employed company manager.

Who is it for?

This product is intended for companies for which the financial consequences of losing the company manager as the work of work disability or death are so great that their continued existence would be jeopardised. 

Who is it not for?

This product is not suitable for building up a pension. 


  • Your fixed overheads continue to be covered:

If you or another key executive is unable to work as the result of illness, accident or death, this insurance policy will ensure that the financial continuity of your company is guaranteed. The premiums are paid by the company and are tax-deductible.

Your company is the beneficiary of any outpayments.

  • Optional covers possible
  • For work disability:
    • Payment of an additional benefit in the event of work disability caused by illness or accident
    • Exemption from premium payments while retaining the guarantees of the Scala Keyman insurance
    • Outpayment of a fixed amount in the event of total or permanent work disability caused by an accident
  • For death:
    • Outpayment of a fixed amount in the event of death; you can also link this to the settlement of a loan (cash loan, mortgage, etc.)
    • Outpayment of a fixed amount in the event of death caused by an accident

Tax matters

Taxes on premiums

Death premium

A tax of 4.40% applies.
Tax benefit: deductible for the company

Work disability premium

A tax of 9.25% applies
Tax benefit: deductible for the company

Outpayment for death

This payment is a taxable income for the company and is subject to corporation tax (25% from 2020 financial year)

Fees and minima


Minimum insured death benefit of Eur 1,000
Minimum insured monthly invalidity interest of Eur 1,000


  • Entry fee : 2%
  • Commission: 5% maximum
  • Management fee related to the death benefit: 0,08% on annual basis.

Read full details in the financial information sheet

 Product sheet Scala Keyman (607.17 KB)

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Important documents

It is necessary to read the Information Financial Fact Sheet & the General Terms and Conditions before purchasing, registering, entering into, accepting, signing or opening a NN Scala Keyman


Product sheet Scala Keyman


General terms and conditions Scala

Legal information

  • Scala Keyman is a Key Person insurance policy.
  • Belgian law applies to this product.
  • Term: You are free to choose the term of your policy with a minimum of 5 years.
  • This insurance product may only be taken out by Belgian companies and by Belgian subsidiaries or branches of foreign parent trading companies. The insurance agreement may only be issued to the name and address of the Belgian office, subsidiary or branch of the trading company and, for branches, only for one or more representatives residing permanently in Belgium. The acceptance of other Belgian legal entities and entities that do not have the form of a trading company is subject to a specific acceptance procedure.
  • Exclusions: in principle, NN Insurance Belgium nv does not provide investment services to US Persons. You will find more information about this in the Scala General Terms and Conditions on our website

If you have a complaint about your NN policy, please contact NN, Quality Care Center, 38 Fonsnylaan, 1060 Brussels. Send an e-mail in the first instance to Or contact the Consumer Ombudsman Service at the Insurance Ombudsman, 35 de Meeûssquare, 1000 Brussels. Tel: +32(0)2 547 58 71, fax: +32(0)2 547 59 75,, It is also possible at all times to take legal action.

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