NN Omni Care Partners

NN Omni Care Partners

As a partner in your company, you know how important stability is. If a partner in the business dies, the surviving dependants of that partner inherit the shares and associated control. That is not always the ideal scenario. As partners, you can prepare for this eventuality, ensuring respect for all parties.

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Why Omni Care for partners?


Avoid arguments about the shareholding


Provide stability, including if one of the partners dies unexpectedly


Be prepared for the costs involved in the proper remuneration of the heirs

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How does it work?

Let’s explain how the policy works by way of a practical example:

14 years ago, Hugo, Anne and Patricia started up a limited liability company together. Hugo and Anne each contributed 25% of the capital, and 50%.

If Patricia dies suddenly, her sole heir, her son Thomas, inherits all of her shares. Thomas has a very difference vision for the company and wants to make major changes. Hugo and Anne do not agree, but Thomas owns half of the shares. The other 2 joint partners also do not have the means to buy out his shares.

All of which creates a great deal of argument.

The solution: a shareholder agreement with a purchase option, linked to an Omni Care death insurance policy.

  • Sign a shareholder agreement with a call option at the notary, along with your other partners.

The heirs are then obliged to sell the shares they inherit to the surviving partners. That way you ensure that your shares remain with the original partners in the event of a death occurring.

  • As a partner/shareholder, take out a death insurance policy for the other partners/shareholders with yourself as the beneficiary.

If one of the insured partners dies early, the surviving partners then use the insured capital to purchase the shares released by the death.

That way, you as a partner and the company are prepared for the future at a limited cost.


Immediate cover for accidental death

If your application is delayed, you will be covered for accidental death.  You are covered for the initially insured capital (with a maximum of EUR 500,000).
This agreement ends after 1 month, or upon acceptance or refusal by the company. (For further information, refer to the general conditions "provisional coverage")


Omni Care for the self-employed is a Branch 21 death insurance policy, under Belgian law. 
The capital insured is either constant or reducing (it cannot be increased). The minimum term of the policy is 5 years.

For more details, see the Financial Information Sheet

Who is it for?

Omni Care for the self-employed is aimed at legal entities where the age of the insured person at the time of taking out the policy is between 18 and 67, and who needs to protect himself/herself against the financial consequences of the death of the insured person in order to protect the company or a third party against the death of a key company person, whether or not linked to an investment loan. 

Who is it not for?

This product is not suitable when the aim is take out insurance for the protection of the company. Or when at the time of taking out the policy, the age of the person insured differs from the permitted criteria.

Calculate your inheritance tax

* Last 6 months

Tax matters

You can benefit from tax deductibility via:

  • IPT (individual pension commitment)
  • Key person insurance
  • You are covered worldwide for all causes of death: as the result of illness, accident or sudden death, such as a stroke or heart attack.
  • Capital insured
    • Constant or reducing, cannot be increased
    • Starts at a minimum of 25,000 euro
    • Starts at a maximum of 999,999 euro

If your capital is higher than 1 million euro, please contact your broker.

  • Certain risks are not covered.
    For the main insurance policy these include: suicide during the first year after taking out the policy, deliberate act and act of war.
    This summary is not complete. See the General terms and conditions for a summary of all excluded risks. A large number of exclusions also apply for supplementary Accident cover (AVRO). You will find a detailed list of these exclusions in the General terms and conditions supplementary cover

Your broker will be happy to help you with all your questions about this product. Your broker will also provide you with a price quote and a premium calculation.

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Charges and premiums

Option for accidental death

  • If you select this option and you die as the result of an accident, then your surviving dependants will receive an extra amount in addition to the capital amount from Succession Care. This means you are giving them greater security.
  • Possible payment types for the premium:
    • Purchase price (you pay the full premium in one go)
    • Fixed premium (you spread the payment over time; the premium remains constant)
    • Risk premiums (the premium changes with your age)
  • In terms of frequency, you can opt for monthly payments by direct debit, or annually by direct debt or transfer.
  • Simplified medical acceptance up to age 51 and up to € 300,000

Important documents

It is necessary to read the Information Financial Fact Sheet & the General Terms and Conditions before purchasing, registering, entering into, accepting, signing or opening a NN Omni care.


Financiële informatiefiche Omni Care


Algemene voorwaarden Omni Care


Aanvullende algemene voorwaarden waarborg overlijden door ongeval 

Algemene voorwaarden - voorlopige dekking overlijden door ongeval

Legal information

  • ​​​​Omni Care is a Branch 21 death insurance policy. It is a product governed by Belgian law from NN Insurance Belgium, a company incorporated under Belgian law.
  • Term of your policy: minimum 5 years


If you have a complaint about your NN policy, please contact NN, Quality Care Center, 38 Fonsnylaan, 1060 Brussels. Send an e-mail in the first instance to klachten@nn.be. Or contact the Consumer Ombudsman Service at the Insurance Ombudsman, 35 de Meeûssquare, 1000 Brussels. Tel: +32(0)2 547 58 71, fax: +32(0)2 547 59 75, info@ombudsman.as, www.ombudsman.as. It is also possible at all times to take legal action.

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