Supplementary Scala covers

Quite apart from having a supplementary pension for later, you also want to have financial security for now. That’s why we take care of you and your family should you experience work disability, death and even mental health problems.

Extra financial protection for you and your family




Work disability with the free NN Wellbeing Services!


  1. Payment of an additional agreed amount over and above your savings reserve
  2. Payment of an additional agreed amount if you die as the result of an accident
  3. Orphan’s capital for your children should you and your partner die within a period of 12 months of each other


an up-to-date look at mental health, with appropriate cover in the event of burnout and active support through prevention services for you and your family.

  1. NN provisionally takes over the premiums for building your pension (life) and death cover
  2. A replacement or guaranteed income protects your standard of living
  3. We pay out an extra amount in the event of total and permanent disability as the result of an accident
  4. A bridging annuity to pay for fixed costs for a specific period is possible
  5. NEW: NN Wellbeing Services are now included as part of your work disability cover. These services help prevent or tackle mental health problems

NN Wellbeing Services: a free new package of services from NN!

Stress? Burnout? The new NN Wellbeing Services are included free of charge as part of your work disability insurance cover. They are designed to help self-employed workers and their family strengthen their mental wellbeing and recognise the warning signs in good time.

Discover NN Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing Services knop

Extra financial protection for self-employed professionals like you

  • Protects your quality of life and the future of your loved ones
  • Covers incapacity for work and death
  • The ideal complement to your employer pension fund, group insurance policy or private supplementary pension, within an attractive tax framework.

Choose peace of mind with these optional forms of cover:

Optional death benefit payable to your next of kin:

  • payment of an additional fixed amount on top of your savings reserve
  • payment of an extra fixed amount if you die in an accident
  • an orphan lump sum for your children should you and your partner pass away within 12 months of each other

Optional protection for you and your family in the event of incapacity for work

  • NN takes over paying the premiums for your pension savings (life) and your death cover for the period of your incapacity for work
  • a replacement income or guaranteed income protects your quality of life
  • a bridging annuity to pay your fixed costs for a defined period
  • payment of an extra amount in the event of full and permanent incapacity for work due to an accident

Financial planning also means anticipating any risks that could affect your financial stability or the future of your loved ones. As a self-employed professional, you don't have to do it all alone – you can count on advice from your broker.

Term of the Agreement

You choose the term of your extra covers depending on your personal situation, such as the age of your children. The maximum term is as set out in your Scala contract, which usually runs until you take your statutory pension.

Noodzakelijke documenten

Voor je deze verzekering onderschrijft, is het noodzakelijk om bovenstaande informatie door te nemen.

Documents nécessaires

Avant de contracter cette assurance, il est nécessaire de prendre connaissance des informations ci-dessus.

Safeguard your business

Our insurance for company directors (Scala Keyman) covers your company's fixed costs

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Protection for the share ownership in your company

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  1. Apart from some legal exceptions, the supplementary pension payment must be paid out at the time when the employee actually retires.
    If an employee retires after the statutory retirement age, the employee may choose when the payment of benefits and reserve should occur – either when they reach the statutory retirement age, or on their actual retirement date.