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With a death insurance policy, you can’t limit the suffering of your loved ones, but you can ease the financial consequences of your death. For example, you can provide extra income for your relatives and ease their financial burden by taking out debt balance insurance. All good reasons to stop and think about it... and maybe also to start that conversation with your loved ones. 

Talk about it. Sooner rather than later – and certainly before it’s too late

It’s always important to talk. But when it comes to your family’s future, careful thinking and listening are just as important. Imagine what life will be like for them after you’ve gone – so find out about the various solutions, such as death insurance. And remember to listen to what they want. But most of all, don’t wait too long. Did you know that according to NN research, only 43% of people have ever talked about death with their loved ones? 

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What you need to know about death insurance

With this form of insurance, you can protect your loved ones from the financial consequences of your death. You choose the term, the amount of capital insured and the premium you pay. With the proceeds from your death insurance cover, they will be able to continue paying all of their expenses and maintain their standard of living. And there’s more to this type of insurance, too. Do you know the difference between death insurance and life insurance? Or did you know that as a self-employed person, you can also insure the continuity of your business?  

Death insurance in a nutshell

A death insurance policy can be useful at plenty of times in your life. More than that, it often makes the difference between financial peace of mind and serious money problems. Of course, we would say that, but you might prefer to hear it from Tine. Hers is a real-life story, with poignant examples she has put together in a white paper. 

NN solutions for your family

Death insurance: financial peace of mind assured 

With a death insurance policy, you can offer your family financial protection tailored to their needs. That’s because you choose the capital insured and the frequency of your premiums. 

Mortgage insurance: freed from having to make repayments 

A debt insurance policy provides security and flexibility at the same time: you can spread your premiums and there’s an optional feature that protects you in the event of illness. 

Take a look at our solutions for the self-employed, too 

Illness, death or accident? We offer specific solutions for the self-employed that protect your family against the financial consequences of the unexpected.

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