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You won’t get financial peace of mind if you don’t have a financial plan. Because only when you have a clear view of your budget today and tomorrow can you map out the right strategy for keeping your reserves topped up. But not everyone is a born investor, so how do you get started? And what other solutions are there? 

Building your assets begins with a financial plan

As is so often the case, good planning is half the battle. So start by mapping out all of your income and expenses so that you know how much you have available to save or invest. Then decide which plans you want to realise – and how much (extra) you will need to make them happen. Our budget planner makes the first step that little bit easier for you.  

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Life insurance: flexible long-term saving

A life insurance policy is not always the same thing as a death insurance policy. These days, life insurance is an increasingly tax-efficient and flexible way to save. Because you choose how much and how often you deposit, within the minimums and maximums set. Better still, your deposits are tax-deductible up to a certain amount. And the total you save becomes available at maturity. 

Want to become a savvy investor?

Savings booklets barely yield very much any more. And with inflation and rising prices, you might even lose money on them. So, would you prefer a savings package that gives you a return, such as a life insurance policy? Or would you prefer to invest in shares, (government) bonds or other funds? Of course, you could also invest in property. But before you do anything, take all of the risks and tax implications into account – and get good advice.  

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Will you be able to make ends meet with your statutory pension for the self-employed?

The pension you’ll get from the government is likely (a lot) lower than your current income. So it won’t be enough for you to maintain your lifestyle. But how wide will the gap be in your case? Start by asking yourself how much your statutory pension will be and how much you think you’ll need. Only then can you begin to prepare... in your own personal way! 

NN’s solutions for saving and investing

Branch 23 life insurance: investing in quality funds

Want to invest according to your investor profile and also choose from top-quality funds? With Branch 23 life insurance, you can invest flexibly and at your pace – with potentially high returns. 

Branch 23 pension savings: the tax-efficient way to save 

Saving for your pension in Branch 23 gives you the beauty of both worlds: you build up a nice supplement to your pension, plus you may also enjoy a tax benefit. 

Long-term tax savings: an alternative to taking out a loan?

With long-term tax savings, you can save a significant amount and potentially enjoy a tax benefit. It’s definitely worth considering – especially once you’ve repaid your mortgage loan.

Self-employed? Find out about our specific pension solutions 

As a self-employed person, you can choose from numerous customised packages to build up a supplementary pension: VAPZ (Free Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed), IPT (Individual Pension Commitment), POZ (Pension Agreement for the Self-Employed), etc. Don’t worry – we’ll guide you through the various options!

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