3 check-in interviews

Here at NN we attach a great deal of importance to feedback. Because feedback helps us grow. Once every quarter you have a check-in interview with your manager to see how you’re doing and determine what you need in order to be successful. And your manager is not the only one who can provide feedback; within the team we also create an environment in which certain issues can be addressed to help each other grow.

Training courses

The most important training takes place on the job. Your manager and mentor will help you build the necessary knowledge and you will also learn a lot from your colleagues. In addition, we also offer you the opportunity to follow training courses to deepen your knowledge and skills and develop your talents.

Career prospects

At NN you can build a unique career and realise your personal goals. Do you need a new challenge? Then come to us and together we will discuss which options best suit you. A change of job is possible within a department or a specific job domain. 

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