Here, your opportunities grow every day

A job at NN? We don't see that as a goal in itself, more as a beginning. Because we want you to continue to grow. So we give you all the space you need. So that your career can carry on developing, at the same pace as your life and your ambitions. How do we want to make a difference for you?

Your opportunities grow every day

A personal conversation

We are open, honest and transparent. So we think it's important to give (and receive) feedback regularly. That’s why you’ll have a ‘check-in conversation’ with your manager each quarter to see how things are going, and to see what you need to help you to get even better. But we also create an environment within your team where everyone can talk to one another and help each other to grow.

Working is learning

You get your most important training on the job. Your manager, your mentor, your colleagues, everyone shares their knowledge and learns from one another. What’s more, we offer you the opportunity to take training courses to expand your knowledge and skills.

A career that grows with you

Your ambitions and dreams are unique. And who knows what the future holds? That’s why we give you every opportunity to expand or change your career. Another challenge, another department? Together, we’ll discuss what the options are. Just tell us, what works for you?

A career that grows with you


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