Savings and investments

Do you want to invest according to your profile and choose from quality funds? If you are searching for a fiscally interesting savings formula to earn a little extra for later, then get to know the solutions at your own pace.

NN Strategy Vrij Sparen in Tak 21 (niet-fiscaal)

NN Strategy Self-Determined Saving in Branche 21 / Tak 21 (non-tax-beneficial)

Save freely within a life insurance framework with investments in Branche 23 / Tak 23(1), Branche 21 / Tak 21, or a combination of both
If you opt for Branche 23 / Tak 23(1): an extensive selection of funds to suit every investor profile, ranging from the defensive to the dynamic
From EUR 40 per month, with no maximum amount
Additional convenience and control through financial options
You can sign up from the age of 18
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NN Strategy Fiscaal Langetermijnsparen

NN Strategy Tax-Beneficial Long-Term Saving

Branche 23 / Tak 23(1) investment-linked insurance to supplement your statutory pension
A high-quality Branche 23 / Tak 23(1) fund with higher potential returns
From EUR 40 per month
Enjoy a tax benefit under the long-term savings rules on cash payments of up to EUR 2,350 (30% tax benefit)
You can sign up from the age of 18
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  1. The management regulations of the NN Strategy Branche 23 / Tak 23 investment funds are available on the website Only the full text of these regulations is legally valid. The financial risk of Branche 23 / Tak 23 transactions is fully borne by the policyholder. You can also request a printed copy by writing to Delta Lloyd Life, Customer Service, Avenue Fonsnylaan 38, B-1060 Brussels.