Do you want to invest according to your profile and choose from quality funds? If you are searching for a fiscally interesting invetment formula to earn a little extra for later, then get to know the solutions at your own pace.

NN Strategy Vrij Sparen Mix Tak 21 en Tak 23 (niet-ficaal)

NN Strategy non-fiscal (Free investment in Branch 23)

  • Invest freely within a life insurance framework with investments in Branche 23 / Tak 23(1)

  • An extensive selection of funds to suit every investor profile, ranging from the defensive to the dynamic

  • From EUR 100 per month, with no maximum amount

  • Additional convenience and control through financial options

  • You can sign up from the age of 18

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NN Strategy Tax-Beneficial Long-Term 
Saving (Branch 23)

  • Branche 23 / Tak 23(1) investment-linked insurance to supplement your statutory pension

  • A high-quality Branch 23 / Tak 23(1) fund with higher potential returns

  • From EUR 40 per month

  • Enjoy a tax benefit under the long-term savings rules on cash payments of up to EUR 2,390 (30% tax benefit)

  • You can sign up from the age of 18

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NN Strategy Fiscaal Langetermijnsparen


  1. The management regulations of the NN Strategy Branche 23 / Tak 23 investment funds are available on the website Only the full text of these regulations is legally valid. The financial risk of Branche 23 / Tak 23 transactions is fully borne by the policyholder. You can also request a printed copy by writing to Delta Lloyd Life, Customer Service, Avenue Fonsnylaan 38, B-1060 Brussels.