NN Strategy Fiscal Long-Term Savings – Branch 23

NN Strategy Fiscal Long-Term Savings – Branch 23

Did you know that in addition to tax-efficient pension savings, you can also build up long-term savings? This is something definitely worth considering, for example if you no longer have a mortgage loan. You can save a significant amount and possibly enjoy a tax benefit into the bargain. Your tax treatment depends on your individual situation and may change.

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Long-term savings as a supplement to your statutory pension


Possible tax benefit, depending on your personal situation


Can be combined with tax-efficient pension savings, as well as various pension solutions for everybody 


In the long term you may achieve a high return


NN Strategy Fiscal saving is a Branch 23 insurance policy that enables you to build up a supplementary pension before and during your pension in the fiscal long-term savings system. Perfect to be combined with pension savings. Possible tax benefit of 30%, depending on the personal situation. You save for a potentially high return in the longer term.
The aim of the NN Life Patrimonial Future Fund is to provide added value in the medium and long term on the amounts deposited into your policy, as a result of the investment opportunities on the financial markets. You benefit from the professional management of portfolios of securities and/or other liquid financial assets. The spread of the portfolios that constitute the funds is designed to limit the risks inherent to any investment, albeit without fully excluding them. As a result, NN Insurance Belgium nv is unable to guarantee any return and the financial risk of the investments will be borne by the policyholder.
More details are available in the Management Regulations and the NN Strategy fiscal Management Regulations and Financial information sheet.

Who is it for?

This policy is aimed at natural persons between 18 and 65 looking to invest their money in a Branch 23 fund.  This insurance policy is also intended for customers looking to enjoy a tax benefit in the context of long-term savings. Retail investors need to be aware that their policy will be paid out at the earliest on their 65th birthday if it has a minimum term of 10 years. It is only possible to take out the policy if the person's legal place of residence is in Belgium. Proof of residency can only be provided by presenting a Belgian identity card or resident's card.
There is no capital protection and the retail investor must be prepared to bear the risk.

Who is it not for?

NN Strategy tax savings is not subject to the regulations of the United States of America (USA) regarding the trading of securities, nor to the supervision of the US financial regulator, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  For this reason, transactions linked to investment funds (Branch 23 products and cover) are not suitable or intended for individuals who may be qualified as a "US Person" in the broad sense. Click here for more information.

Customers who do not yet have a housing loan can usually not enjoy the tax benefit.

  • Savings, plus a possible tax benefit
    You save and may receive a possible tax benefit. NN Strategy is an individual Branch 23 life insurance policy designed for saving in the long term. Depending on your situation, you may enjoy an annual tax benefit. View the tax-efficient maximum amounts you can save here.
  • Flexible: you determine when you save
    You don’t have to make a deposit each year or save the same amount. You choose how much and when you save: you can opt for monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual deposits.
  • With Branch 23, neither the capital nor the return is guaranteed. Your return is determined by the way the funds in your policy perform. So it depends on market fluctuations.
  • If you can or wish to invest in investment funds for a short period, there is a financial risk attached. That risk is borne in full by the policyholder.
    There is no entitlement to profit-sharing. Important: The insurance company offers neither a capital guarantee nor a guarantee on the return of the Branch 23 part.  As a result, the policyholder may receive back less than the initial investment. The financial risk linked to the Branch 23 policy is borne in full by the policyholder.


  • Solvency risk: life insurance policies constitute, for each individual manager, a special asset that is managed separately within the assets of the insurer. Should the insurer go bankrupt, this special asset is reserved as a priority for meeting commitments to policyholders and/or beneficiaries.
  • Market risk: this is the risk of loss that may be caused by the price fluctuations of financial instruments in a portfolio.
  • Liquidity risk: this is the risk of loss that occurs when unfavourable market conditions affect the ability to sell (illiquid) assets when necessary.
  • Rate risk: risk of loss as the result of changes to interest rates on the valuation of financial instruments in a portfolio.
  • Credit risk: the risk that a borrower does not pay back the loan (in full). This can have the effect of generating a loss on the value of the portfolio.
  • Exchange rate risk: the risk that can occur as the result of the effect that fluctuations in exchange rates have on the valuation of financial instruments in a portfolio.
  • Political risk: if the value of an investment falls on account of the instability of political changes in the country(ies) where the investment has been made.
  • Operational risk: the risk of direct or indirect loss as the result of inadequate or failing processes related to determining the net asset value of a portfolio.

Discuss your investor profile with your broker. This is essential for investing sensibly.

Tax matters

  • You enjoy a 30% tax benefit on your premiums if you meet the terms defined by law. The tax system applied to your policy depends on your tax situation, which may vary over time.
  • You pay 2% premium tax
  • There is a one-off redemption tax of 10% on the value of the policy, excluding profit-sharing.
    • Either on your 60th birthday if you subscribe before the age of 55.
    • Or 10 years after the beginning of the policy.
    • Once this levy has been charged, there is no further taxation
  • In principle, your savings are available at all times. NB: withdrawing your money early may result in a penalty based on the tax legislation.

These rules apply in accordance with current tax legislation and are subject to change in the future. 
In the event of changes to the tax rules, NN Insurance Belgium nv cannot be held liable for the consequences. 
Tax treatment depends on the individual situation of the customer and may change in the future. 
Wherever reference is made to a tax system or regime, this needs to be understood as the tax system or regime that applies to an average retail customer living in Belgium in the capacity of a natural person (private individual).

Fees and premiums


- Minimum 40 euro per month
- Maximum: set by law. View the current fiscal maximums.


Joining fees

Maximum 4.5%: 0.5% on all premiums for the company and a maximum payment of 4% on every premium for your insurance broker.

Management fees

Maximum 1% per year. The fees are deducted at the unit value determined by the fund manager.

Exit fees

  • Early withdrawal from the policy may result in a penalty, based on the fiscal legislation.
  • There are no exit fees if the total of the amounts surrendered is less than 10% of the value of the policy.
  • You pay exit fees of 4.8% on the part above the 10%. These fees reduce by 0.1% per month elapsed, from the time the policy comes into effect.
  • There are no further exit fees from year 5 onwards.
  • Age 54: an age to remember!

With policies taken out before the age of 55, at the age of 60 you pay a one-off redemption tax of 10%. This means that in the 5 years afterwards, you no longer pay taxes on your premiums and yet still enjoy a tax benefit.

Still no long-term savings in place by your 54th birthday? In that case, it’s time you spoke to your broker.

You will find detailed information about the fees on your product sheet:
NN financial information sheet

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Important documents

It is necessary to read the following documents before purchasing, subscribing, accepting, signing or opening an NN Strategy contract;

You will find the pre-contractual documents that apply prior to 14th January 2020 under legal documents.

Any other questions? Your broker will be happy to advise you.


General terms and conditions NN Strategy Fiscal (from 01/01/2021)


Financial information sheet NN Strategy fiscal (from 14/01/2020)


Management regulations NN Strategy

Legal information

  • NN Strategy is a life insurance policy consisting of investment funds (Branch 23) with no capital guarantee. It is a product from NN Insurance Belgium, a company incorporated under Belgian law.
  • Applicable law: Belgian law
  • Term: minimum 10 years.
  • Before signing up as a customer to the NN Strategy product, it is important to read through the documentation about this specific product. View the documents under “Important documents” on this page.
  • Exclusions and restrictions: For this product, the Branch 23 part is not suitable for US Persons. NN Belgium does not act with regard to the Branch 23 part under the supervision of the US regulator, the SEC. Click here for more information. 

If you have a complaint about your NN policy, please contact NN, Quality Team, 38 Fonsnylaan, 1060 Brussels. Send an e-mail in the first instance to klachten@nn.be. Or contact the Consumer Ombudsman Service at the Insurance Ombudsman, 35 de Meeûssquare, 1000 Brussels. Tel: +32(0)2 547 58 71, fax: +32(0)2 547 59 75, info@ombudsman.as, www.ombudsman.as. It is also possible at all times to take legal action.

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