Hypo care(+) insures the repayment of your mortgage

Hypo Care(+) verzekert de afbetaling van je hypothecair krediet.

A new house or apartment! You might have big dreams when it comes to your home, but you always keep your feet firmly on the ground. After all, what if you or your partner were to die before you've finished repaying your mortgage? You can avoid financial problems with our Hypo care outstanding balance insurance, which removes the need for repayment either in whole or in part. You choose the percentage and the distribution of your premiums, all at an attractive price. In other words, Hypo care1 gives you peace of mind.

Is Hypo care right for you?

Does that sound like you? Then Hypo care is the perfect outstanding balance insurance policy for your needs.

Benefits at a glance

Fully tailored to your personal situation

Choose a flexible premium distribution: pay everything in one go, or spread the payments over the term of your mortgage – pay monthly, quarterly or annually. It's up to you!

As a self-employed professional, you may enjoy an alternative, more efficient tax framework. Please ask your broker for more information.

Cover against illness

If a member of your family is diagnosed with cancer, this can pose some major challenges. Somebody needs to stay at home to care for the patient, and that has an impact on your family income. The Cancer care option offers peace of mind, as it provides a fixed amount that you can spend on whatever you choose.

What if you become disabled or unable to work? In that case, you will have financial worries as well as health problems to contend with. If you take out the supplementary Disability cover then Hypo care will immediately step in and temporarily finance your monthly repayments for you.

Instant peace of mind from the moment you apply

  • Provisional accident coverag

    Applications for Hypo care are generally accepted immediately by NN. However, there can sometimes be delays – for example, because we want to evaluate your medical condition in a little more depth. In that case, you will still benefit from immediate cover for accidental death. That way, you are covered for the initially insured capital up to a maximum of EUR 500,000.
  • Free advance cover

    Once you sign the sale agreement, you are legally bound to make the purchase, so death cover is needed even at this stage. This is because the deed is only executed two, three or even four months later, and you do not know the exact date. What if something happens to you or your partner in the meantime?
    Our advance cover offers you a three-month bridging period between the signing of the sale agreement and the execution of the deed – free of charge, and for the value of the initially insured capital up to a maximum of EUR 500,000.

What are the different options and arrangements?

Premium payment arrangements

  • Optimum (as standard): we optimise the duration of your premium payments.
  • Relax: this unique formula allows you to spread your premium over the entire term of your mortgage. You then pay a lower annual premium. You also have a minimum insured capital, which gives you better coverage.
    Please note: Relax is not available under the "own and only home" tax option.
  • Budget: match the premium payment to the annual premium you want to pay.
  • Classic: you pay the premium for 2/3 of the term of the policy.

Don't delay – ask your broker for a quotation in order to find out your exact premium, adjusted to your personal situation.

Extra coverages in addition to your balance insurance

Incapacity for Work option

  • What?
    If you chose this option and become unable to work during the term of your contract then you will temporarily receive a monthly annuity. That way, you can keep making your monthly repayments.
  • When?
    You don't receive the payment immediately, as a personal risk period applies: the agreement must have started six months ago. An excess period also applies, meaning that you are only entitled to the payment after three months of incapacity for work. Good to know: this three-month excess period can start during the six-month personal risk period.
  • How long?
    You will receive the payment for a maximum of 24 months per claim.
  • How much?
    Your percentage of incapacity for work plays a significant role here, as the payment is multiplied by that percentage. The percentage is rounded up or down in the following ways:
    • 25% or less is considered to be 0%
    • 66% or more is considered to be 100%

Are you aged over 67? Is this a loan with fixed monthly instalments? Or did you choose the Two Heads option? In that case, you cannot select the Incapacity for Work option.

Cancer care option

Cancer care is a form of supplementary coverage that pays out a pre-determined amount if you or somebody in your family is diagnosed with cancer. You are then entirely free to decide how you will spend that money. There can be either 1 or 2 main policyholders, and your children are automatically covered too.

Find out the details about Cancer care

Free preventive health checks with Hypo care+

Good health is very important. Do you like to keep an eye on your health? Then you should choose Hypo care+. Alongside all the benefits of Hypo care, it also offers you the opportunity to have free screening blood and urine tests three times a year. You choose the laboratory where these tests are carried out, and there's no need to share the results with us either. Hypo care+ lets you monitor your own health and detect any medical problems at an early stage.

Conditions, tax status and charges

The following conditions and arrangements apply for both Hypo care and Hypo care+.

Insured capital

  • remains constant or reduces over time (cannot be increased)
  • must be at least EUR 25,000 and no more than EUR 999,999 at the start of the policy

If your capital is greater than 1 million euro then please get in touch with your broker.

Term of the contract

  • minimum 5 years
  • maximum 40 years

Premiums and charges

  • Types
    • single premium (you pay the full premium in one go)
    • fixed premium (you spread the payments over time; the premium remains constant)
    • risk premiums (the premium changes as you get older)
  • Payment frequency
    • monthly: only via direct debit
    • annual: via direct debit or transfer

Don't delay – ask your broker for a quotation in order to find out your exact premium, adjusted to your personal situation.

For an overview of all the taxes and levies included in the premium, please see the General and Special terms and conditions for Hypo care.

Tax status

  • non-tax-deductible contract
  • Individual Pension Agreement
  • pension savings
  • long-term savings
  • own and only home

Medical acceptance

Excluded risks

Some risks are not covered.

For the main policyholder, these include: suicide during the first year after taking out the contract; intentional acts; criminal convictions, and acts of war.

This list is not exhaustive. Please see the General terms and conditions for an overview of all the risks that are not covered.

A number of exclusions also apply to the supplementary Disability cover (AVRI). You can find a detailed list in the General terms and conditions for supplementary cover.

Are you interested? Please get in touch with your broker

Are you interested in Hypo care(+)? Then please get in touch with a local broker. That person will be the first point of contact for any questions you may have. They can also give you a quotation.

Do you have questions after taking out your cover? Then please get in touch with NN customer services.

Noodzakelijke documenten

Voor je deze verzekering onderschrijft, is het noodzakelijk om onderstaande informatie door te nemen.

Documents nécessaires

Avant de contracter cette assurance, il est nécessaire de prendre connaissance des informations ci-dessous.


Hypo care is an insurance product under Belgian law.

Do you have a complaint about your contract? If so, we kindly request you to follow the procedure below. Please note that you also have the right to take legal action at any time.

More information about the NN complaints procedure

Your unique life deserves a personal approach. That is why we are happy to help you find an independent broker in your area


  1. Hypo care is a death insurance policy under Branche 21 / Tak 21. It is a product of NN Insurance Belgium, a company under Belgian law.