Omni care (Family): financial protection for your family when you're gone

Omni Care: financiële bescherming voor je gezin als jij er niet meer bent

Safeguarding your family's financial security is not a luxury. NN's Omni care1 death insurance protects your next of kin and their future from the financial impact of your death due to illness or accident. And it often costs less than you think.

Omni care: is it right for you?

☐ Do you want to make sure that your death won't jeopardise your family's financial future?

☐ Are you an employee, and is the coverage from your group insurance policy too low to compensate your family for the loss of your income?

☐ Are you self-employed, and do you need to arrange adequate death insurance for yourself?

Are you aged between 18 and 67 and did you answer "yes" to two of those questions? If so, Omni care is the perfect death insurance policy for your needs.

How does this worry-free life insurance work?

Well prepared

Death brings not only grief, but often also financial worries. Your family will need to manage on a smaller budget, while the fixed costs for the surviving partner remain nearly the same: the house, the children and their studies, leisure activities, and so on.

That's why you need to avoid an uncomfortable future by taking out good death insurance of your own.

We also recommend this solution to anyone who already has a group insurance policy with their employer, as group insurance policies are often too low to guarantee your family's standard of living.

How does it work?

You specify the capital you want to insure, as well as the duration of the coverage and the beneficiaries. In other words, you make the choices to fit your specific situation: your income, the current and future needs of your partner and/or family, the age of your children, and so on. If you should die as a result of illness or accident before the end of the contract then the insured capital will be paid out to your beneficiaries.

Don't delay – ask your broker for a quotation in order to find out your exact premium, adjusted to your personal situation.

Also available for self-employed company directors

As a self-employed company director, you can also:

  • protect your family in a tax-efficient way via your company, with your next of kin as beneficiaries.
  • protect your company or a third party against the death of the company director, whether linked to an investment loan or not.

Your broker will be happy to advise you.

Risk Simulator

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Minimum 25.000 euros, maximum 1.000.000 euros, please contact us if your capital exceeds 1.000.000 euros.
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Minimum 5 years, maximum 25 years.
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First risk premium (TTC):
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Your risk premium increases based on your age (see details).
*The calculation parameters are described below (see parameters and disclaimer). This simulation is done as an indication.


Evolution of the monthly risk premium based on your age (exact age in years and months)

Age Monthly risk premium (tax included)
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Parameters & disclaimer

For more information on the product Omni care, please consult the financial information sheet and the general conditions available at

This simulation is not a contractual document. Therefore, the user can not derive any rights or benefits. These data are provided for informational purposes only. Although this information comes from reliable sources and quality, NN Insurance Belgium S.A. can not guarantee its accuracy and is not responsible for damages (direct or indirect) resulting from the use of this information.

Options and arrangements

Optional extra lump sum accidental death benefit

Provide an additional financial safety net in the event of unexpected death due to an accident by insuring an additional amount on top of the insured capital.

Premium payment arrangements

  • Optimum (as standard): we optimise the duration of your premium payments.
  • Relax: this unique formula allows you to spread your premium over the entire term of your mortgage. You then pay a lower annual premium. You also have a minimum insured capital, which gives you better coverage.
    Please note: Relax is not available under the "own and only home" tax option.
  • Budget: match the premium payment to the annual premium you want to pay.
  • Classic: you pay the premium for 2/3 of the term of the policy.

Organ donor discount

Were you registered as an organ donor before signing your agreement? Then you are entitled to a 5% discount on your Omni care premiums.

It's free and easy to register at

Accidental death option

If you choose this option then your next of kin will receive an additional amount on top of the Omni care capital in the event of your death due to an accident. In this way, you provide them with greater security.

Conditions and details

Insured capital

  • remains constant or reduces over time (cannot be increased)
  • must be at least EUR 25,000 and no more than EUR 999,999 at the start of the policy

If your capital is greater than 1 million euro then please get in touch with your broker.

Duration of the contract: minimum 5 years

Premiums and charges

  • Types
    • single premium (you pay the full premium in one go)
    • fixed premium (you spread the payments over time; the premium remains constant)
    • risk premiums (the premium changes as you get older)
  • Payment frequency
    • monthly: only via direct debit
    • annual: via direct debit or transfer

Don't delay – ask your broker for a quotation in order to find out your exact premium, adjusted to your personal situation.

For an overview of all the taxes and levies included in the premium, please see the General terms and conditions for Omni Care.

Tax status

  • non-tax-deductible contract
  • Individual Pension Agreement
  • pension savings
  • long-term savings
  • company director insurance

Medical acceptance

Excluded risks

Some risks are not covered.

For the main policyholder, these include: suicide during the first year after taking out the contract; intentional acts; criminal convictions, and acts of war.

This list is not exhaustive. Please see the General terms and conditions for an overview of all the risks that are not covered.

A number of exclusions also apply to the supplementary Accident cover (AVRO). You can find a detailed list in the General terms and conditions for supplementary cover.

You are not covered for loss of income due to incapacity for work as a result of illness or accident.

Are you interested? Please get in touch with your broker

Are you interested in Omni care? Then please get in touch with a local broker. That person will be the first point of contact for any questions you may have. They can also give you a quotation.

Do you have questions after taking out your cover? Then please get in touch with NN customer services.

Noodzakelijke informatie

Voor je deze verzekering onderschrijft, is het noodzakelijk om bovenstaande informatie door te nemen.

Documents nécessaires

Avant de contracter cette assurance, il est nécessaire de prendre connaissance des informations ci-dessus.


Omni care is an insurance product under Belgian law.

Do you have a complaint about your contract? If so, we kindly request you to follow the procedure below. Please note that you also have the right to take legal action at any time.

More information about the NN complaints procedure

Your unique life deserves a personal approach. That is why we are happy to help you find an independent broker in your area


  1. Omni care is a death insurance policy under Branche 21 / Tak 21. It is a product of NN Insurance Belgium, a company under Belgian law.