Donation Care: avoid death duties when making a monetary gift

Donation Care: vermijd successierechten op een handgift

A gift is a wonderful gesture to your loved ones. You have more than you need, so you can give your child, your grandchild or another apple of your eye a helping hand. Or perhaps you received an inheritance yourself and don't want to wait to share it with others. That's great –
but there is a downside. If you die within three years of making the gift (non registered) then the recipients will have to pay death duties on it. The Donation Care death insurance policy helps you avoid any unpleasant financial surprises.

Donation Care: is it right for you?

Did you answer "yes" to all three of those questions? If so, Donation Care is the perfect death insurance policy for your needs.

Make the most of the freedom offered by the tax authorities

You have three options when making a gift.

1. Do nothing and hope for the best

You arrange no cover at all. If disaster strikes and you pass away within three years of making the gift then your next of kin will need to pay death duties. The amount depends on the degree of kinship between you and the recipient of the gift, and on the region you live in. For partners, children and grandchildren, the tax payable on small amounts is 3%, increasing to 30% for large amounts. If the recipient is more distantly related, then the percentage can be as much as 80%.

2. Register the gift with a notary

You register the gift with a notary. If you pass away within three years of making the gift then the recipients will have to pay death duties of 3% to 80%. The recipient must also pay gift tax immediately after registration. This gift tax is 3% (3,3% in Walloon Region) for partners, (grand)children and (grand)parents, and 7% (7,7% in Walloon Region) for other relationships.

3. Take out Donation Care death cover

There is a more advantageous solution. Your next of kin can take out a temporary policy to cover the estimated amount of the death duties payable on your gift. You are the policyholder. The higher the value of the gift, the more attractive the death insurance will be. If you pass away within three years of making the gift, the insured amount will be paid out to your beneficiaries so that they can pay the death duties.

The moral of the story is: certainty for the recipient, and peace of mind for you

Do you find it odd talking to your next of kin about taking out a death insurance policy where you are the person insured? That's understandable – but it also makes sense that you would want to avoid your loved ones having to pay considerable amounts of inheritance tax on your gift. The only way to achieve real peace of mind is to plan for the future.

Options and arrangements

Organ donor discount

Were you registered as an organ donor before signing your agreement? Then you are entitled to a 5% discount on your Donation Care premiums.

It's free and easy to register at

Accidental death option

If you choose this option then your next of kin will receive an additional amount on top of the Donation Care capital. In this way, you will provide them with greater security in the event of your accidental death.

Conditions and details

Insured capital

  • remains fixed
  • must be at least EUR 25,000 at the start of the policy
  • must not exceed EUR 999,999 at the start of the policy

If your capital is greater than 1 million euro then please get in touch with your broker.

Duration of the contract:

  • minimum 1 year
  • maximum 3 years

Premiums and charges

  • Types
    • single premium (you pay the full premium in one go)
    • fixed premium (you spread the payments over time; the premium remains constant)
    • risk premiums (the premium changes as you get older)
  • Payment frequency
    • monthly: only via direct debit
    • annual: via direct debit or transfer

Don't delay – ask your broker for a quotation in order to find out your exact premium, adjusted to your personal situation.

For an overview of all the taxes and levies included in the premium, please see the General terms and conditions for Donation Care.

Tax status

This death cover is only available as a non-tax-deductible contract.

Medical acceptance

Excluded risks

Some risks are not covered.

For the main policyholder, these include: suicide during the first year after taking out the contract; intentional acts; criminal convictions, and acts of war.

This list is not exhaustive. Please see the General terms and conditions for an overview of all the risks that are not covered.

A number of exclusions also apply to the supplementary Accident cover (AVRO). You can find a detailed list in the General terms and conditions for supplementary cover.

Are you interested? Please get in touch with your broker

Are you interested in Donation Care? Then please get in touch with a local broker. That person will be the first point of contact for any questions you may have. They can also give you a quotation.

Do you have questions after taking out your cover? Then please get in touch with NN customer services.

Noodzakelijke documenten

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Documents nécessaires

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Donation Care is an insurance product under Belgian law.

Do you have a complaint about your contract? If so, we kindly request you to follow the procedure below. Please note that you also have the right to take legal action at any time.

More information about the NN complaints procedure

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