Major plans? Life taken an unexpected turn?

Fortunately, your employer has taken good care of you: your group insurance cover from NN gives you a financial helping hand when you need it. Plus it offers you mental health support with NN Wellbeing Services*.

If you leave your employer

Found the (new) job of your life elsewhere? Then the guarantees will be terminated, but of course you keep the accrued pension reserves. We will provide you with a form for you to indicate what you intend to do with the saved amount:

Leave your pension reserves with your previous employer

You can leave the pension reserves in the policy of your previous employer. If you do not respond, this will be the default option. In some policies, there is possibly no payment of the accrued pension reserves to your beneficiaries in the event of death. So check it out.

Leave your pension reserves and use them as a death insurance

You can leave the pension reserves in the policy of your previous employer and use these reserves to be insured in the event of death. As a result, you will receive a slightly lower pension capital upon retirement.

Transfer your pension reserves

If your new employer also offers a supplementary pension, you can transfer the pension reserves to your new policy. You can also transfer the pension reserves to a so-called KB69 pension provider to whom special rules apply. And finally, if the existing policy provides for it, you can transfer the pension reserves to a reception structure. It is an insurance policy in which you can determine yourself the proportion between the death cover and the pension capital. 

Would you like to change the beneficiary clause of your group insurance?

Please contact your employer, who will send the completed document to NN

If you no longer work for the employer who concluded this insurance for you, you can complete this form and send it to us by e-mail at

To be filled in and sent by e-mail:

  • Download the French form here
  • Download the Dutch form here
Any questions?

You may contact the customer service of NN Belgium by email ( or phone (02 650 72 72) from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5 pm.

If you change of employer
when your personal situation changes

If you leave your employer

You find the partner of your life? Your first child was born? Then make sure to inform your employer! Because it is important for us to have the correct data, for example to determine your guarantees.

What changes must you report?
  • Change of address
  • Change in the family composition: birth, adoption, departure of a child, …
  • Change of marital status: legally cohabiting, married, divorced, widowed, …
  • Change of work regime: part time (time credit, parental leave) or full time
  • Change of beneficiaries

When your mental health needs support

Your happiness is vitally important for feeling good. But headaches, stress or burnout can wreak havoc on your mental and emotional health. With NN Wellbeing Services to help you, you now have extra support for tackling mental health problems. These services can even help you prevent them from occurring in the first place. So be sure to make preventative use of these services whenever you feel the need for them. And did you know that NN Wellbeing Services are there for your whole family – as long as you all live at the same address?

When can I use this service*?

You don’t need to be unfit for work to be able to benefit from these services. That’s because your employer has to provide them as part of the group insurance package. So don’t hesitate to contact your HR officer if you have any questions about this.

* NN Wellbeing Services can be accessed through the group insurance cover that provides a benefit should you become unable to work. These services cannot be obtained separately. This range of services may be modified or cancelled by NN Insurance Belgium nv. You benefit from these services through an external, independent and professional partner: Workplace Options (WPO). Depending on your situation, Workplace Options will outline a suitable path for you to take

wellbeing moments
Als je een woning koopt of renoveert

If you purchase or renovate a property

Want to purchase or renovate a property of your own? Thanks to your group insurance, you don't have to postpone your dreams until you are retired. Did you know that you can already use now part of the pension reserves that you have accrued?

Financing a property transaction through your group insurance

You can claim part of the accrued reserves before you retire and use them to purchase, to build, to improve, to repair or to transform properties located in the European Economic Area that generate taxable income, and of which you are the owner. Keep in mind that interest is due on the advanced amount. When you retire, the advanced amount will be deducted from the pension capital to be paid.

Link with a mortgage loan

You can also pledge your policy to the bank where you took out your mortgage credit. Your credit provider then becomes the beneficiary of your group insurance.

Want to know more about the options?

Do you wish more information? Do you want to know how much advance you may claim and which interest is due? Our  Employee Benefits staff members are gladly at your service. You can reach them through or on 02 650 72 72, from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5 pm.

If you become ill or you have an accident

When does the group insurance intervene?

If the guarantee is provided and the cause is covered, once the waiting period has expired and the disability has been medically accepted, NN will intervene from a disability degree of at least 25%.

To determine this intervention, we must be able to correctly assess the medical situation.

To this end, your employer must provide us with the following documents:

  • The claim notification form, completed by your employer 
  • The certificates of disability, stating the duration and degree of disability (from the first day of disability until the likely end date)
  • A statement with the exact date of resuming work
Which documents do you have to provide us with?

These documents, along with other relevant supporting documents, can be sent by email to

How does the claim notification work?
  1. The damage occurs
  2. Your employer notifies us
  3. You send the claim form, the medical certificate completed by your doctor and all other requested administrative and medical documents
  4. Our medical advisor or an external medical expert evaluates the claim
  5. After receiving all requested documents and analysing your medical record, our chief medical advisor will decide whether NN Insurance Belgium nv will cover the claim.
Who decides on the intervention?

After receiving all requested documents and analysing your medical record, our chief medical advisor will decide whether NN Insurance Belgium nv will cover the claim.

More questions?

Do not hesitate to contact your HR manager. Our central customer service is also at your service from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5 pm. Call us on 02 650 78 40 or send an email to

If you get ill or have an accident
When you retire

If you retire

Are you about to retire? Then you probably have a lot of plans and dreams that you want to realize. But maybe you also have more questions about that new phase in your life …

When will I receive the capital from my group insurance?

All premiums in your group insurance policy capitalize until you retire. This also includes any personal contribution if this is provided for in the policy. By the way, did you know that you can deduct the personal contribution from your taxes?

At present, the statutory retirement age is 65, but it will be raised to 67 in 2030. If you meet certain conditions, the statutory pension can be taken earlier. The supplementary pension is usually paid out in capital, but you can also claim it as an annuity.

A few weeks before your group insurance policy reaches its expiry date and you retire, we will send you a statement with your estimated final capital. This amount is a provisional calculation based on the current known situation. We will ask you to confirm your contact information, to communicate your bank account number and to provide a statement about your statutory retirement. Be sure to also include the supporting documents for your identity and bank account!

As soon as we receive all documents duly completed, we will transfer your pension capital to your account.

Do I have to pay taxes on the final capital?

The capital you receive will be taxed as follows:

  • Sickness and disability contribution (INAMI contribution) : 3.55%. This contribution is deducted from the total gross capital.
  • Solidarity contribution: between 0% and 2%. The solidarity contribution is due on the total gross capital. The percentage varies between 0% and 2% and is determined by the size of the total gross capital.
  • Withholding tax: between 10% and 16.5% (+ municipal tax). The withholding tax is calculated on the gross capital without profit sharing, reduced by the INAMI contribution and the solidarity contribution.
    • 10% on the part of the capital built up with the premiums paid by the worker after January 1, 1993.
    • 16.5% on the part of the capital built up with the premiums paid by the worker before January 1, 1993.
    • 16.5% on the part of the capital built up with the premiums paid by the employer. This rate decreases to 10% (+ municipal taxes) if the worker keeps working until age 65 or has worked for at least 45 years in total.

Would you like to know more?

Will my policy be terminated when I retire?

Yes, note that once the policy has been terminated you will no longer be insured in the event of death and / or disability.

However you can reinvest the pension amount in full or in part.

How can I ensure a good income after my retirement?

Once you retire, your income will be vastly reduced. Your statutory pension will be significantly lower than your last gross salary. In any case, you will certainly have to draw on your savings once you reach retirement age, if you want to maintain your standard of living. But how can you ensure that your supplementary pension capital offers you lifelong comfort?

There are several solutions possible to use your pension capital.

  1. You invest your supplementary pension capital in order to supplement your monthly income. But If you want to invest, you may wonder how to do that. A savings account is possible, but nowadays it yields almost nothing. Another option is to invest the money in investment funds, for example through our branch 23 solutions.
    More info
  2. You choose a lifetime annuity and you ensure yourself of a monthly income. All your life. NN has a solution for this, namely Lifelong Income.
    More info

If you die

If you suddenly die tomorrow, your family will have to deal not only with an emotional blow, but also with a financial one. Your group insurance can then alleviate the financial worries. Your policy describes a standard order of beneficiaries. These are the persons who will receive the death benefit upon your death. You may change it and choose your beneficiaries yourself

What happens in the event of death?

The policy, with all guarantees, will be terminated and the statutory deductions, any costs and other sums still owed to NN or third parties (e.g. to the bank in the case of a pledge) will be settled. We then will pay out the death benefit to the beneficiary(ies) of your policy.

Want to know more or change the beneficiaries in your policy? Contact your HR manager.

How does the claim notification work?
  1. In the event of death, your relatives must inform your employer.
  2. Your employer will notify NN.
  3. Your relatives must provide the death certificate and the medical certificate.
  4. We will check the documents received and may request additional documents.
  5. When everything is in order, the payment to the beneficiary(ies) of the policy will take place.
Which documents do your relatives have to provide?

During this difficult period, NN wishes to support your relatives as much as possible. So we will limit the administrative requirements to a minimum. But we do need a number of documents:

  • The death certificate, to be delivered by the municipality of the town where the deceased lived
  • A completed and signed medical certificate

These documents can be sent by email to or by post to NN Insurance Belgium nv, Fonsnylaan 38, 1060 Brussels.

Depending on the type of policy, additional documents may be required.

when you pass away