Bring your pension reserves together in one place with the reception structure

These days, a full career with a single employer is a rarity. This means that many employees now have multiple inactive pension plans, and run the risk of losing track of them all. As an employer, you can help avoid this with the reception structure – the ideal structure for bringing together pension reserves, in a clear and transparent way.

What is the reception structure?

With the reception structure within MultiPlan and Alto Cash Balance. Here, your employee can combine the pension reserves that they have accrued in group insurance policies and/or sectoral plans with former employers in a clear and transparent way.

Who is it for?

The reception structure is the ideal solution for anyone who has inactive group insurance policies running. This includes:

  • Your current employees with previous, now inactive plan(s)
  • Former employees who hold an inactive group insurance policy with you

What are the benefits?

Providing a reception structure is a form of convenience for your employees. NN takes care of managing it and provides the necessary support.

  • All reserves are brought together under a single clear contract instead of multiple contracts1
  • Your employee only pays management fees to one company

You can make your own decisions.

Each affiliate can use the following Federal government website to check the pension reserves and death cover in their inactive (passive) contracts at any time:

Your employee can make adjustments at any time.
The transition to a single contract is completely free of charge.

Are you interested? A financial adviser will help you get started

As an employer, if you have any questions then you can get in touch with one of our brokers.

Or send an email to An NN Employee Benefits Consultant will then quickly get in touch to offer you advice and support.

Noodzakelijke documenten

Vooraleer je een werknemer in een onthaalstructuur laat starten, dient hij bovenstaande informatie door te nemen.

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  1. The minimum guaranteed return that an employer is required to provide on a pension plan ceases to apply once the contract becomes part of a reception structure.