How can you share your eID data with NN?

You can share the information from your electronic identity card with us on this page.
NN needs this information to be able to continue to execute transactions relating to your contract(s).

You have two options in the tool. Choose the option you prefer and follow the instructions.

Option 1: Read the eID card via a card reader on your computer

  • Plugin only works on Internet Explorer 10 and 11, most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • First use: Install the Connective Browser Package from this page.
  • The latest version of the eID software needs to be installed. You can install this here.
  • You need to install the plugin before entering the EID card into the cardreader.
  • The tool is only available in French on this page, choose 'Option 1 : Lire la carte d'identité'. You can visit the Dutch version here.

Option 2: Send us a scan or copy of the front and back of your eID. The following formats are accepted: PNG, BMP and PDF. Tip: if you choose this second option, make sure you have the files ready before you press button 2 so that you can upload them easily. The documents can't be larger than 3Mb.

We thank you for your cooperation


Any questions?

Please consult the 'FAQ' heading on this page.
You may contact NN customer service on +32 (0)2 650 78 00 or via

FAQ about eID

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Do you have questions about the eID and the data that you will share?

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