Internships at NN

Looking for a first professional experience at NN? Great!
We offer internships at bachelor’s or master’s level in various departments.
Students from these areas of study are in hot demand in our company:

  • Economics
  • Finance
  •  Information Technology (IT)
  •  Business Management
  •  Law or Legal Practice
  •  Human Resources
  •  Math

Did you choose a different area of study?

That’s fine. At NN we are interested in ALL talented interns. Your personality and motivation are at least as important as your chosen field.
We are glad to put our extensive professional experience at the disposal of any enthusiastic intern.


How to apply

Our job bank has all vacancies for interns, for which you can apply directly online.
Be sure to include your motivational letter and curriculum vitae because it will help us to select the most suitable internship for you.

View our job application process



Do you have any questions regarding internships at NN? Then drop us a line at

Interested in applying?

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