What remains of your gross pension?


Your net pension is not your gross pension. It is therefore a good idea to have a close look at the different deductions and the ways to calculate your (expected) pension. The amounts below are valid in 2018.

There are three types of deduction from your gross pension:

The health and disability insurance (AMI) contribution

This amounts to 3.55%of the gross amount of your pension. It is deducted if the total gross monthly amount of your pension and your additional benefits (including the transition allowance and foreign pensions as of 01/2013) is higher than €1.778,14/month (for a household) and €1.500,36/month (for a single pensioner). Note as well that the AMI contribution does not replace the mutuality contribution and that it does not entitle you to healthcare reimbursements. This mutuality contribution must be paid separately.

Solidarity contributions

The monthly solidarity contribution is a progressive social deduction from the total gross amount of pensions (including foreign pensions as of 01/2013), income and certain additional benefits of 2% maximum. It is calculated on the total gross amount of all of your pensions: the statutory pension, as well as the other additional benefits, such as group insurance. It is deducted as of €2.726.53/months (for a household) and €2.353.33/month (for a single pensioner).

Payroll tax (personal income tax)

This is an advance payment towards your income tax. The calculation of the amount of payroll tax is made according to the gross amount of your pensioner income, the family situation and the number of dependent children. Payroll tax is not deducted below a certain threshold. If there are no dependent children, payroll tax is deducted if the monthly pension is higher than €1.905,00 for a household and €1.290,00 for a retirement pension for a single pensioner and a survivor's pension.

Small pensions are not subject to payroll tax, AMI contributions or solidarity contributions.

Calculating your pension

At mypension.be (your online pension file at Pensions Service), you can calculate your pension. 

You may also use the freephone number 1765 – the special pension number– for all of your questions related to statutory and supplementary pensions.

The Federal Pensions Service no longer sends a pension estimate automatically to employees who have reached age 55. However, you may obtain an estimate of the amount of your statutory pension at mypension.be.

Some basic info in English: https://www.onprvp.fgov.be/fr/profes/english/pages/default.aspx