Good group insurance can be useful in a "talent war". And not only for large companies.

Group insurance offers workers the advantage of building up additional pension capital. Even if retirement may seem far away for many of your workers, it can be an important additional asset in recruiting new employees.

Group insurance can provide several guarantees: constitution of a supplementary pension capital, coverage in the event of incapacity for work, death coverage, waiver of premium benefit, etc. These guarantees represent an important part of your employees' salary packages. As a human resources manager, you will thus have an important additional asset in this "talent war".

  • If you opt for a cafeteria plan, there is the possibility for workers to adapt part of their guarantees to their needs and expectations. For example: higher death coverage for people in their thirties with young children, or higher pension capital for people in their fifties. The pension regulation is the framework within which adjustments are possible.
  • Tax advantage for workers if they pay part of the group insurance contributions.
  • Paying premiums towards a group insurance policy has a significantly higher net value for the worker than a similar increase in his or her gross salary. The disadvantage is that it takes some time to collect the insurance capital, but the net benefit is greater.
  • Possibility for the worker to request an advance on the group insurance reserve if he or she wishes to acquire, transform or build a property. However, this must be provided for in the group insurance regulations, and the relevant legal rules must be respected.
  • Group insurance generally provides a guaranteed return and is a safe investment.
  • For workers who change jobs, the credit balance remains in group insurance, although they can transfer the reserve to their new employer's pension plan (if the new employer offers one).

Group insurance is a very attractive investment as an employer. In addition, SMEs can also take out group insurance. It is not necessary to be a large multinational to be able to take out a group insurance policy. 

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