The route to a job at NN

We need people like you: genuine and committed. People who want to give their best for our clients, with fresh ideas and the drive to take the initiative. People who find our values logical and obvious. But especially, people with unique personalities who make a difference.

That’s why, at NN, we give every application our full attention! We guarantee that you’ll get a response within 3 working days.

We work with our recruitment partner Solvus, to ensure a professional follow-up of our vacancies. Ready for the first step?

1. Application

Found the perfect job? Then respond to the vacancy. No immediate position that matches your ambitions and talents? No problem, apply spontaneously and tell us what kind of challenge you're looking for and why you want to work for us. Your qualifications and experience are important, but your motivation and personality are also easily as important. You can apply quickly and simply by uploading your LinkedIn profile to our website, but you can of course also do that with your CV. Sharing your motivation with us right away would be great.

2. Telephone introduction

We’ll carefully review your application to see if there’s a match. Will you fit into our organisation? Can your talents and expertise make a difference for our clients? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, we’ll then do a telephone screening to get to know you better. Because we’re really curious to find out what makes you unique.

3. Testing

We use an online personality questionnaire to see if our ‘NN mindset’ suits you as a person. You can fill it in at home. We’ll be happy to share the results with you.

4. Interviews

The next step is a live introduction. We start with a competence-based interview, which is followed by an interview with your future manager. We gauge your knowledge and experience, personality, motivation, etc. Of course you can also ask us questions!

5. Contract

Are we as enthusiastic about you as you are about us? Then we’ll make you an offer to work with us! And we won’t try your patience any longer than necessary. On average the entire application process takes 3 to 6 weeks.


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