Application procedure

How to apply

Do you want to apply for a job at NN? Our job bank has all vacancies, for which you can apply directly online.

Can’t find a suitable vacancy? Then send in a speculative application. Be sure to include your motivational letter and curriculum vitae. As soon as you’ve sent everything you will receive confirmation of receipt. Within 2 weeks we will let you know whether or not we will invite you for an initial interview.

Selection interviews

When you apply for a job at NN we find it important to get to know each other better. This will enable us to determine how you as a person can bring added value to NN and our customers. Moreover, we also feel it is key for you to get to know us intimately. Of course we are interested in your knowledge and experience but your personality and motivation are at least as important. So during your job interview our main focus is to discover what makes you unique and how you can use those characteristics to their best advantage at NN. There is also ample room for you to ask questions so you can get a good idea of the job and of NN as an employer.

Online testing

Here at NN we attach a great deal of importance to your personal qualities. That is why we administer two online tests to decide whether you have the right mindset for NN. These tests consist of a personality questionnaire and a logical reasoning test. You can take the tests at home and you also get immediate access to the evaluation.

Job offer

Are we excited about hiring you after the interviews and the online tests and do you feel the same way about us? Then we will offer you a job at NN. We look forward to welcoming you soon as our new colleague.


We try to keep the period between your application and the contract proposal as short as possible. On average the entire application process takes 3 to 6 weeks.


1. Apply
2. CV screening
3. Telephone screening
4. Online testing
5. Interview with one of our recruiters
6. Interview with the manager
7. Contract proposal



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