Our story

NN is a fresh new insurance company with a rich history in Belgium. Our roots extend back to De Vaderlandsche, while our more recent past is with ING.

We have a clear vision of the future, in which people and their needs take centre stage. We want to help our clients protect what they value, so they can secure their financial futures. We have built our company with this goal in mind.

We also want to help customers help themselves. We like to say that prevention is better than treatment.

We are working hard to rise from ING as a new company, without legacy, but with a thorough understanding of the Belgian insurance market and its clients. We aim to be an efficient provider of protection and retirement insurance products focused on delivering great customer experience.

We serve almost one million clients today, with ING Bank as our main distribution channel. We are actively looking for new commercial opportunities and distribution partners on the Belgian market.  

We aim for clarity, care and commitment in everything we do.

Because what matters to you, matters to us.