Management Team

Management Team

Frank Eijsink 2022

Frank Eijsink, Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors

Frank Eijsink was appointed Chief Executive Officer of NN Belgium on 1st February 2022.

Frank has a very  successful career behind him. In 2003 he began working in the Corporate Strategy department at ING Group. Since then he has occupied a number of senior management roles, including CEO ING Life Luxembourg, Global lead Solvency II Program and CEO NN Hayat ve Emeklilik in Turkey. In 2017, Frank was appointed CEO of NN Life Japan, which is the largest insurance market in which NN operates.

The invaluable knowledge that he has gained in these various markets, as well as his own expertise, will help Frank to ensure the continued growth of NN’s business on the Belgian market.

Frank was awarded his Master of Science degrees in Applied Physics and Business Administration at Eindhoven Technical University.

Frank likes to spend his free time with his family, often going at the weekend to watch his 4 children compete in their sporting events. He enjoys hiking, skiing and running and Covid-19 has given him the opportunity to start playing the piano in his living room again.

Els Brusselmans 2022

Els Brusselmans, Chief HR Officer

Els Brusselmans is the new Chief HR Officer for NN Belgium. As well as serving the developmental needs of every team member, Els focuses on making the organisation more sustainable and agile. She is perfectly placed to do this with a master’s degree in Psychology and almost 25 years of experience in Human Resources. The majority of this has been in senior management positions at multi-national corporations such as Siemens, Bekaert, Corialis Group and more recently, the SAS Institute. An all-rounder in the HR world, Els is well versed in Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Training & Development, Career Development and Individual Coaching to name just a few of her areas of expertise.

Els enjoys the smaller things in life: relaxing with friends and family and lovely nights out. An  avid reader, she keeps fit by cycling, running and working out at the gym.

Heidi Cortois  2022

Heidi Cortois , Chief Commercial Officer Broker Channel

Heidi Cortois joined NN Insurance Belgium as Chief Commercial Officer Broker Channel.

Heidi has spent 23 years working in the financial sector. In her new position, she will be combining the operating experience gained as CIO/COO at Crelan and her commercial experience as Director Financial Institutions at TriFinance and applying them to take NN’s service to customers and distribution partners to the next level. In today’s complex world where all consumers crave simplicity, Heidi will be moving swiftly forward in simplifying our processes. In doing so, she will be working closely with both internal and external stakeholders.

Heidi gained her master’s degree in Commercial Engineering at the Solvay Business School. She also has a People Management diploma from the Vlerick Management School.

Heidi always gives 100% to everything she does, both at work and in her leisure time. She draws her energy from working constructively with motivated colleagues to achieve the goals set together. Outside work, Heidi enjoys running and cycling. She also loves spending time with her family and is a regular supporter of her 3 children at their various sporting endeavours.



Christophe Van Loo, Chief Commercial Officer Institutional Partners

On 16th January 2023, Christophe Van Loo was appointed as Chief Commercial Officer Institutional Partners* at NN Belgium.

With over 20 years of experience in the financial sector in a range of different management roles, we are sure Christophe Van Loo the right person for this role. Supported by a dedicated team, he will steer the mutual interests of NN and our institutional partners.

Christophe holds a master’s degree in commercial engineering from the Catholic University of Leuven and successfully completed two postgraduate modules at the Vlerick Business School in Service Management & Service Innovation and Compensation & Benefits.

Whether at work or elsewhere, Christophe believes in the importance of personal contact for getting to know people better and building strong relationships. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling with his family and venturing out on his mountain bike. He is also a regular supporter at his two children’s hockey matches.

Angela Lissenburg-Rademaker

Angela Lissenburg-Rademaker, Chief Risk Officer and Member of the Board of Directors

Angela Lissenburg-Rademaker was appointed Chief Risk Officer and Member of the Board of Directors at NN Belgium on 1st April 2022.

Angela has more than 20 years of experience with Nationale-Nederlanden and has held (management) positions in areas such as risk management, capital management and pricing.

With her far-ranging expertise in the field, combined with her passion for leadership, Angela will make it her mission to ensure that risk awareness is not only a matter for risk experts, but for the company as a whole.

Angela gained a Master’s degree in Econometrics at the University of Rotterdam, and in Actuarial Studies at the University of Amsterdam, after which she completed her postdoctoral training as an ‘AG actuary’.

Her love for the coast took Angela to Middelburg (Zeeland, Netherlands), where she lives with her family. At the weekend, she likes to take her family and puppy for walks on the beach and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Apart from her work, she likes making (city) trips and travelling with her family, cooking and baking and helping out as a volunteer where her children are involved in sport. 

Tom Nauwelaerts

Tom Nauwelaerts, Chief Information Officer

Tom Nauwelaerts was appointed Chief Information Officer* at NN Belgium on 1st June 2022.

Tom Nauwelaerts has built up a great deal of experience in various IT management roles in the telecoms sector (Architecture, Demand, Delivery and Operations). Over the past 4 years, he has focused on IT transformation in the world of telecoms. In 2020, Tom switched to the insurance sector and began his career at NN as Manager IT Delivery. He has been responsible for the role of Chief Information Officer since June 2022.

With his broad background in change, Tom is just the person to continue driving the IT transformation process at NN and further prepare the company in terms of IT for growth in the Belgian life insurance market.

Tom studied Computer Sciences for 5 years at KU Leuven and went on to be awarded a postgraduate degree in Applied Economics.

In his spare time, Tom regularly goes walking or cycling and is an enthusiastic supporter of his son’s football club. He also enjoys tinkering with his vintage car, a 1978 VW Beetle.


Joost Van Ginkel 2022

Joost van Ginkel, Chief Customer Experience Officer

Joost van Ginkel was appointed as Chief Customer Experience Officer at NN Belgium on 1st november 2022.

In his current role, he oversees the analysis of customer needs, along with the development of practical insurance solutions and how the appropriate digital support is structured. He also guides his team in devising a creative and successful go-to-market strategy and distribution support. The key to success here is optimum cooperation between all of the departments involved.

Joost has a wealth of experience in the insurance sector, beginning his career in 2009 as a Management Trainee at ING Group in the Netherlands. After that, he occupied a number of different positions in Marketing, Product Management and Innovation in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Poland. In 2014, he took the next step in his career by joining NN Belgium.

Joost was awarded his Master of Science degree in Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management – Erasmus University Rotterdam. He followed this up by gaining a Master of Marketing degree from Tias Business School.

Joost enjoys travelling and likes to read non-fiction books about history and politics in his spare time. He also enjoys long walks in the Scottish Highlands where he is a regular visitor.


Dieter Vermeire 2022

Dieter Vermeire, Chief Finance Officer and Member of the Board of Directors

Dieter Vermeire started his career within the Group in 2009 as a Valuation Actuary, before fast-tracking his way to become Head of the Valuation Team in 2010.

Between 2003 and 2009, before joining the Group, Dieter worked at the Fortis Holding as a financial analyst within the Risk and Capital Management departement.

Dieter is able to comprehend complex risk matters. His challenge in today’s environment of economic and regulatory uncertainty is to maintain excellent balance sheet management through disciplined capital and risk management. He also ensures further enhancement of the risk management capabilities in line with the Solvency II requirements.

Dieter enjoys spending his free time with his three children and going for an occasional run or bike ride. The mountains are his favourite travel destination, whether for snowboarding or hiking.

Dieter holds master’s degrees in Applied Economics, Banking & Finance and Actuarial & Financial Engineering from Ghent and Leuven universities. Besides these, he is a certified actuary and chartered financial analyst.

From October 2014 until August 2021, Dieter was Chief Risk Officer at NN Insurance Belgium.

Since September 2021, he has taken on the role of Chief Finance Officer and is a member of the Board of Directors of NN Insurance Belgium.