2020 Solvency & Financial Condition Report NN Insurance Belgium

NN Insurance Belgium publishes its SFCR - Solvency & Financial Condition Report – compliant with the European legislation regarding Solvency II. This report offers both quantitative and qualitative public information based on Solvency II guidelines, for users of financial information.

SFCR NN Insurance Belgium 2020 (1.06 MB)

QRT NN Insurance Belgium 2020 (762.04 KB)

2020 Annual Report NN Insurance Belgium

Below you find the Annual Report 2020 for NN Insurance Belgium.

Annual Report NNIB 2020 (in Dutch) (334.59 KB)

Annual Accounts NNIB 2020 (in Dutch) (269.96 KB)

The Annual Report 2020 and the Annual Accounts 2020 as prepared by the Board of Directors will be published on May 11. These financial statements are presented for approval at the annual general meeting of shareholders on the 14th of June 2021.