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More details about what the merger means for you in practice.

Guarantee Fund Branch 21

Garantiefonds Tak 21
Branch 21 insurance with Delta Lloyd ánd NN? Then there might be a possible impact.
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The big winner of this merger is you

On 30 March 2018, NN Insurance Belgium and Delta Lloyd Life merged to become one company: NN Insurance Belgium NV/SA.

Congratulations: as of now, you are a customer of the 4th largest life insurance company in Belgium!

NN wants to be your leading expert in the field of protective cover (death and disability) and retirement savings (Branche 23 / Tak 23) in Belgium. We provide our customers with innovative solutions through a strong network of brokers and banks. With NN, you can rely on personal financial services that match your circumstances. As an expert in protective cover, we also share insights into how to lead a happy and healthy life.

Customer-oriented solutions

The merger makes us a better, more efficient company and enables us to respond to societal and technological changes more effectively. We can now offer even more customer-oriented and innovative solutions. 

This page provides an overview of NN along with answers to any questions you may have as a result of the merger.

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GDPR legislation

From now on, NN will protect your privacy even better.

Copy of your eID card

Customer of Delta Lloyd and asked by letter to provide NN with a copy of your eID card?