Which Branche 21 / Tak 21 products does the Guarantee Fund cover?

Do you have a savings, investment or Branche 21 / Tak 21 death insurance product with both NN and Delta Lloyd? And does the total sum of these insurance policies now exceed 100,000 euros because of the merger? If so, this may have an impact on your legal cover under the Guarantee Fund for financial services. The Guarantee Fund will refund up to 100,000 euros per person in the event that a life insurance company goes bankrupt. 

Until recently, you were eligible to benefit from a double limit, i.e. 100,000 euros with Delta Lloyd Life and 100,000 euros with NN. From now on, however, there is only one limit for NN as a unified entity. This is not something that you should worry about right now. NN is and shall continue to be one of Europe's most creditworthy insurers. The merger does not effect the conditions of your current contracts.

Covered products

Below is an overview of the products covered by the Guarantee Fund. As we stated earlier, coverage of up to 100,000 euros is limited to the total sum of the Branche 21 / Tak 21 credits with Delta Lloyd and NN combined. To be clear: this limit applies not only to NN, but to all Belgian life insurance companies.


The overview below sets out the most common products that fall under the Guarantee Fund. Despite careful efforts to compile a thorough list, NN Insurance Belgium NV/SA cannot guarantee its adequacy, accuracy or completeness. 

Products NN

  • ING Life Plan
  • ING Horizon 18+ Plan
  • Supplementary Death Cover (ING Life Plan)
  • Supplementary Death Cover (Horizon 18+ Plan)
  • ING Life Pension Plan
  • ING Life Savings Plan
  • ING Life Savings Plan Junior
  • ING Life Optima
  • ING Life Star Plan
  • Record Premium
  • Record Premium (Invest)
  • Debt Balance Insurance to cover an mortgage loan at ING Belgium SA/nv
  • Fixed-capital death insurance
  • Life Insurance with an ING-Installment Loan
  • ING Term Death Insurance

Products Delta Lloyd

  • Junior Plan
  • Protection Familiale
  • Assurance Prêt
  • Union Gold
  • DL Eternal (Alpha)
  • DL Invest Long
  • DL Invest Cash
  • Top Account Long
  • Top Account Cash
  • DL Plan d’investissement
  • DL Secure invest
  • Freeway
  • Kids for Life
  • Vectrum
  • Everest
  • Swing Blue (à l’exception de SwingINAMI et SwingPLCI)
  • Swing Green (à l’exception de SwingINAMI et SwingPLCI)
  • KeyPension Blue
  • KeyCapital Blue
  • Swing Capital Blue
  • Swing Capital Green
  • Swing Capital Green Plus
  • Swing Capital Plus
  • DL Strategy (uniquement en ce qui concerne le volet branche 21)
  • Babyplan
  • Batibouw
  • Epargne Logement
  • Epargne Pension
  • Immunisation Fiscale
  • Perte de Licence
  • Epargne libre
  • ZA Plan de rendement
  • ZA Plan d’investissement
  • ZA Plan de garantie
  • ZA Flex (uniquement en ce qui concerne le volet branche 21)
  • Hypo Cover
  • Flexy Cover
  • Family Cover
  • Partner Cover
  • Budget Cover
  • Krefi Cover
  • Personal Risk Cover
  • Duo Cover

Product families covered

1. The following types of level life insurance products:

  • Lifelong level life insurance
  • Term death insurance with fixed capital
  • Term death insurance with diminishing capital (outstanding balance)

2. The following types of life insurance products:

  • Pure endowment with reimbursement
  • Pure endowment without reimbursement
  • Life annuity
  • Insurance bond

3. Endowment insurance products with an insurance component and a death insurance component of type10/x, whereby x can have the values 3.33, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30.

Products not covered

Common products that are not covered by the Guarantee Fund include: 

  • Group insurance for employees
  • Private supplementary pension for the self-employed (private supplementary pension) 
  • Individual pension agreement (IPT)
  • Branche 23 / Tak 23 solutions such as lifelong income

More info needed ?

You can find more information about the Guarantee Fund and the impact on your insurance in the FAQ section.

Detailed information on this topic can also be found on the Financial Services Guarantee Fund website.